Heard a rumour that the RAF are going back to Legacy System

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. I heard a rumour today that the RAF are reverving back to SAMA, their legacy system, after finding out that JPA does not work for their Single Service Issues, can anyone confirm this??
  2. I haven't heard anything although I know the RN has had severe problems in some areas. The news from the CoC is all good at the moment...... LOL! I can't imagine that they will resurrect a dead system after almost a year!

  3. LOL, I have it on good authority, from someone at the coal face so to speak, could this mean that we are now going full circle, they have already bined ETS, Legal Branch and eventualy the RMP from the AGC, it makes me wonder if the last 15 years of the SPS branch will now all go back to manual systems where JPA will not be able to cope and soldier Self Service under JPA will be just a dream.
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    Maybe they will go back to the RAPC!
  5. Think of what differs between the way the Army goes about its buisness i.e. annual E.C' verification, Data quality checks (SPS Inspection Reports), G1 Readiness to deploy at all times, I do not think that the other services go into as much depth as we have done under our legacy system, indeed, from what I have seen in a Tri Service Unit it is done as and when it's needed for the other 2 services, I am sure that DSPS(A) are currently in the throws of working out a new army JPA era quality assurance inspection (MFPI), if we are now supposed to be in a Tri Service IT environment, do you think that whatever DSPS(A) produce will be across the board (all 3 services), it will not, we have different requirements to the other 2 services, with Single Service Issues, that is where I think that JPA will let us down, as it has proven so for the RAF, I am not so sure with the Navy.
  6. I have always thought that streamlining was a good thing, look at the slatings clerks get now (just look at this site), at least, in the past, you knew a specialisation and you stayed with it, giving quality and good practice all the way through, at present, by the time you have mastered one job in rank (after a 3 year tour) your off to learn something completely different, this gives no continuity through these different employments (SSA, Staff Clerk, Pay Clerk, Docs Clerk), in fact, every (not in all instances) time you move on you are having to learn and start again (where is the continuity in that, might be an SNCO but he/she has no clue, bar handover, how to do the job) , the argument has probably been done to death, however, would you get an RLC Chef being told to master his HGV as part of his trade training, the RAPC and the All Arms Clerks worked well in their different specialisations, bring it on.