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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. You can join the Army/TA with poor eye sight that is corrected with glasses. But can you STAY in the Army/TA with poor hearing H7 that is corrected with a hearing aid up to H2 standard and if you can stay can you deploy? (hearing loss in part due to service activities shooting, diving, blowing shit up etc)

    I know I am a medic and should know these things but I dont. I have read up on the subject and asked around a bit but cannot get a DS answer.

  2. Maybe you aren't getting a DS answer because if the hearing loss is due to service activities, they may be liable and they don't want to start an avalanche of compo payments!

    Sorry, don't know the answer meself.
  3. The soldier involved is only interested in staying in and deploying not compensation, unless that is they throw him out.

  4. I believe you can stay in if hearing loss is acquired while in service, but you will be taken off front line duties but will depend on the severity of the loss, don't expect promotion or an extension to service though. We had a SSGT who had to start wearing hearing aids and was promptly dumped in as SQMS.
  5. Retention standards are in PAP10 table 6a and go on the overall JMES grading he has been given which will take into account his hearing.

    If he is below retention standards the RECU process should be initiated, if he remains within retention standards he remains deployable according to the JMES grading he currently has.
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  7. Here's another. How come sometimes when you pull the trigger on a 5.56 rifle it doesn't go bang? I am a skiller and should know. FFS admitting you don't know your own business! stay away from me! Luckily I am not deaf
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  8. Squigey, PULHHEEMS Administrative Pamphlet 2010 (PAP10) and JSP 346, have a read, they're riveting I promise....
  9. Like that is side splitting, ****.
  10. PAP10 does not make mention of "corrected hearing" standards only "corrected vision" so rather than guess I asked. Thanks for your valuable imput.

  11. Hearing is graded on actual hearing, rather than uncorrected/corrected (i.e. 3 rather than 3/1) as far as I am aware.
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  13. You state the soldier involved developed these hearing difficulties due to service activities in part. If he has deployed as a reservist and suffered hearing loss on tour, this should have been picked up during de-mob at rtmc and appropriate action taken. If suffered during regular service, then his FMED 60 should provide a record of deteriorating hearing which would be fairly attributable. If this is not the case and he is downgraded as non-deployable or worse, then he will have a lot of trouble proving that his hearing difficulties are due to service. Not answering your question I know, but perhaps something to think about.
  14. That any better?
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