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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by eiKr, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello! I'm hoping that someone is able to offer a bit of advice. I've so far managed to lose a total of 4 stone, just got another stone to go before I can start my application, I'm going to the gym twice a week with a personal trainer, and I try and go once or twice a week by myself.

    The one thing that I struggle with is my diet. I skip breakfast as I don't really like the healthy stuff, I'll sometimes have a bit of toast. Lunch at the moment is some toast (wholemeal) with poached eggs, and dinner is chicken/pork, some veg and either spuds or a slice of bread if I forget to get some.

    I'm after some other ideas, as I'm getting a bit fed up of the same thing each day.

    I'm going to try and have some weatabix tomorrow for breakfast and see how I get on with that, but any ideas for lunch and dinner would be fantastic!

  2. Porridge is very good, slow release of energy. Get some pasta and rice chucked in your diet. Loads of veg, moderate amounts of meat. Well done losing the weight. Learn to stir fry!
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  3. Eat breakfast mate, without it your sugar levels will be messed up all morning.

    Good quick pre or post gym dinner:

    Heat some oil in a pan. Chop a pepper lengthways and lob it in.
    Give it a couple of minutes then add some balsamic glaze. Don't be shy, give it plenty.
    Rub a tuna steak with oil, salt and chilli flakes. Again, use plenty or it'll be bland as hell.
    Once the peppers have had about seven minutes, push them to the edge of the pan and give the tuna two minutes each side.
    Serve with rice. Piece of piss.
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  4. Concur with Jarrod. Balance the healthy grub and calories you eat with the energy you use, depends how active you are, any allergies, and we were looking for healthy minds linked to healthy diets as there's some notion that healthy eating = healthy mind.. Having cooked in a Health Spa in the Midlands they chopped fatty foods, cut out sugar and salt, even chocolate, and polysaturated foods. They served blueberry muffins, fruit, poultry and other white meats, and fish. Loads of salad and veg. The weight dropped off but it was healthy.If you eat too much, you’ll put on weight. If you eat too little you’ll lose weight. Starchy foods with fibre, spuds, cereals, pasta and wholemeal bread are all good I heard. I love Fish.

    Healthy Eating Plate: [ARCHIVED CONTENT] Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - The eatwell plate
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  5. The thought of porridge makes me gag, I tried Weetabix for the first time in 10+ years today...boring as hell, but can put up with it if it helps! Didn't feel hungary at work until around 1pm, normally I'm counting down the minutes for lunch from 11am onwards (don't start until 10am).

    Love stir fry! Will be having lots of that I think!

    That sounds really nice! Think I'll be taking a trip to the supermarket when its next open and give that ago!

  6. Any pasta/rice/potato + meat + vegetable combination is pretty good for you, unless of course you go for the chicken and bombay potato vindaloo with a vegatable biryani that is!
  7. Try having meusli soaked overnight in orange juice, then topping it with a dollop of natural yoghurt and a drizzle of Greek honey!! You can chuck fresh fruit all over it too, chopped apple and banana is lovely! And its REALLY filling
  8. Try eating it with honey & using 50%milk/50% water to cook it with, the quick oats only take a few minutes, its delicious, very nutricious & healthy, try eating a banana as well & you shouldn't need another top up until midday at the earliest!
    Again Pasta is a great slow release energy food, dont forget fresh fruit as well, salads are also a good food, use a vinaigret dressing not salad cream or mayo, Olive oil, vinegar, a dash of honey & poupon mustard makes a great tasting dressing! Try grilled fish instead of meat or chicken occasionally, boil or bake the spuds, dont fry them!
    Lastly exercise, lots of it, walk or even run, rather than ride cars, buses etc if its a feasible distance, use stairs rather than lifts!
  9. I always have my weetabix with warm milk (can't stand it cold) and honey drizzled over the top when I'm dieting... when my mum first told me to do it i was concerned at adding a sweet food to my breakfast but according to her it's good for you as it's natural sugars and much better than synthetic sugar from a bowl... breakfast is bearable now!

    Also, you should be drinking water constantly anyway but I find that it helps keep the appetite from playing up too much as well, so drink as much as you can!
  10. Thanks for the replies!

    I've been eating Weetabix since this thread, and don't enjoy it, so boring to eat! But it helps a lot! I've lost a far bit of weight since starting eating breakfast again, as I'm not snacking during the day. Still have a couple of bad days sadly.

    Exercise is going OK at the moment, going twice a week with a personal trainer, and try and go once by myself, my PT has just made my program harder! Which is good I guess.

    I try and walk as much as possible, however due to working stupid hours at work, I don't finish work until midnight, and just want to get home quickly lol. My hours are changing soon though, so hopefully it won't be as bad and I can start walking back!

    Got less than a stone to go now before I can walk back into the careers office!
  11. Add some fruit to the weetabix or try alpen.
  12. Breakfast is a really important meal. Try having some grapefruit mixed with oranges and yoghurt if traditional cereals are not your bag. Have a croissant, as a treat, instead of toast to ring the changes.

    Home-made food is better than supermarket meals-for-one. Make sure your plate at every meal has equal portions of carbs, protein but over-indulge with vegs. Don't forget to include pulses in your diet and limit the amount of fat on your meats. Desserts can be the diet-killer - fruit is a good option.

    Swimming is a good form of exercise if you need to continue with your weight plan.

    Keep in mind to make it fun, if a diet becomes an unhappy experience, you need to change your format. Give yourself a rare treat.
  13. Petrol and a house fire would be a great treat for you. Pig.
  14. Jarrod try leaving the playground and join the grown ups.
  15. When you are so old SAGA bins you do you join CREM?