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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dr_Chris, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. This isn't a thread on Megan Foxx, sorry.

    Basically after an injury sustained earlier this year combined with me being a jack, beer swilling bastard, I have decided I am getting on another health purge.

    I have given up the booze for now completely and started back on the protein shakes/creatine for a bit of extra muscle mass that I am wanting. I probably have about 0.5st of excess weight that I want to get rid of before I am able to start toning up, so I have a good cardio regime set up at the gym, alternating days between cardio and upper body stuff.

    My main problem is finding things that are healthy that actually taste reasonably nice. I can't just sit there and eat plain pasta and chicken, for instance, because after a week of that it gets boring for any person, I imagine. I see lots of advice on here of what to base your diet on (skinless chicken, pasta, fresh steamed veg etc.) but not actually how you can fit that into a diet in a tasty way.

    For instance, I am having a small bowl of whole grain pasta for lunch along side some cold skinless chicken or tuna, however this is rather boring and bland. Is it possible to eat healthily whilst retaining food that tastes nice and therefore gives you a bit of morale? Any recommended recipes that give a high protein diet that isn't just eating a raw steak every day?

    Cheers in advance for any help, apologies for the long post.
  2. Just to add, this may be better suited to the Cookery forum, wasn't too sure which it'd be better posted under.
  3. Spaff in the pasta?
  4. I just smother everything in ketchup :D
  5. You can have what you want so long as you have it with Salad.

    I had Haagen Daaz with some lettuce and a Fully loaded Whopper for lunch.

    Diets are for girls. Pies are for men, just have them with cucumber
  6. Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention I am not a slop jockey. Food shouldn't contain spaff or bum scrapings.
  7. Yes, but you're a fat cnut.
  8. *wobbles off back to his box* :D
  9. 0.5 stone!?! Wouldn't even bother dieting personally, just cutting the beer, junk and a few good pace runs will get that off in no time.
  10. I'm wanting to diet to get some muscle mass on too, along with hating the feeling of my body after I eat hunhealthy shite.
  11. Just douse everything in tabasco.
  12. I go for sweet chilli sauce...can't really go wrong with either!
  13. Maybe we have different ideas of tasty but I like the following:


    Scrambled/poached eggs on wholemeal toast (no butter)
    Museli (seriously - you get used to it. Now I look forward to it!) I often use protein shake as milk to up my intake

    "healthy" fry-up: Eggs, Toast, Mushrooms, fat-free (ish) sausage, turkey bacon, tomato - All grilled (except mushrooms and eggs but no oil used)


    Ham, salad sandwich - Hovis bread with loads of seeds on it, with extra-light mayo instead of marg/butter

    Peanut butter sandwich - f*cking love 'em!

    Extras - low fat humous/cottage cheese with celery/peppers etc. pickled onions, olives


    Good old Roast Dinner!! - roast chicken - breast meat, no skin, bisto gravy, minimal fat to cook potatoes, steamed carrots, broccoli etc.

    Salmon - cooked with peppers, mushroom and onion, garlic, ginger and season - wrap in a foil parcel. Eat with salad or veg.

    Baked Beans with loads of tobasco or BBQ sauce - use the low salt/sugar ones.

    Christ, I could go on... Basically, steam and grill, use seasonings but no sauces with fat in them. bulk on loads of fresh veg and fruit.

    Now my mouth's watering.. I wonder if there's any doughnuts left in the kitchen.
  14. Thanks for that, a helpful post at last. :D

    Scrambled eggs - should I be taking the yolk out? Love egg yolk.
  15. Lots of flavour in the spices department: pepper, rosemary, etc.