Health Warning - LGV disease


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Oh dear, God has found yet another way to making fun painful. For full story, check out :

but the worst bits are:

"The first symptom of LGV is usually inflammation of the rectum (proctitis) - with pain, discharge, rectal bleeding and bloody stools commonly reported, as well as genital ulcers.

The person might also notice large painful swelling in the groin because the infection invades the lymph nodes."

And here was me thinking it was a sort of driving licence category....
Ventress said:
dui-lai said:
Old stuff matey, covered that on my class 3. Believe me God has found ways more painful than that to stop us having fun :twisted:
Covered it? Had it and got over it! :wink:
I am sure we would all love to know how you contracted it, but I, for one, am too polite to ask. :wink:
"The HPA has been able to trace 19 of the men. All are homosexual and 17 are also HIV positive."

Tells a tale, 17 out of 19.
I help raise money for HIV infected orphans and have got to know one of the worlds authorities on HIV/AIDS infection and treatment.
She says introvenous needles followed by bum bashing as main sources of propergation.
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