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Just read in a well known rag that Bomber Br**n (Ex 28 - Corp footballer) has been diagnosed with a form of cancer and is taking the MOD to task citing negligence in not providing PPE & education in handling Benzine. Can anyone throw any light on this subject - it is not only Riggies that used Benz. i am sure pre 90s all RE troops have been put/tasked to carry out everyday tasks that today would not be carried out without PPE/Education or just managed out.
Matt, know what you mean I can remember, sanding down vehicles, wiping off with cotton waste soaked in many different things, spraying Matt IRR paint on all sorts of vehicles with proper spray guns, or just one running on a vehicle airline, cellulose thinners or petrol for cleaning down with including getting the over spray off of your skin or your nose/mouth etc
wouldn't that be everyone in the army prior to H&S coming in being able to ask for compensation as well? :? 8O
It's along the same lines as people who worked with asbestos getting compensation now they have cancer. They won their case so a precedent has been established.
Its not really the same. In this case, he would have to prove that his cancer is directly linked to the use of Benzine. Other factors that have to be taken into consideration is suitable knowledge at the time, ie was it known that Benz was a carcinigen at the time it was in common use.

Also, was PPE and COSHH assessments available, but he chose to ignore them?

Anyway, the MOD are more likely to pay out rather then set up any form of defence so good luck to the fella and I hope the treatment works
I know Bomber as well. I was the Talavera Troop gopher for a while (untill my foot healed) when Bomber was there as a full screw. It's a shame because he is a decent bloke.
buggrit said:
Not good to hear, Bomber's a top bloke. Best wishes to the fella.
i'll second that.

best wishes.

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