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There are Health & Safety / Medics jobs going at my place of work. See link:- Click on the 'vacancies-p-and-higher' link and then 'Inspector (Health and Safety Specialist)

We have a number of ex-NZ army medics (plus other nations) working here.

Basically the role is trying to ensure CW inspectors don't injure / kill themselves when conducting hot zone entries in various chemical weapon destruction facilities.

You don't need huge amount of CW knowledge (but it does help). You do need bags of common sense, patience, sense of humour and ability to be away 5 - 6 months from home a year.

Based in Den Haag in the Netherlands. No heaps of cash, but it is tax free. Probably not for everyone. Loads of office politics and very poor admin, but it is different and you are getting a slight foot in the door with the UN system.

There are around 10 Brits (me included) here: couple of ex-Sappers and a few more ex-Porton civies.

Be aware that closing date is only days away.


Well dont know if anyone came in after seeing this but the Brit contingent has gone up recently (despite H_J going on to bigger and better things, oh I'm one of the ex-Sappers here btw).

Nothing going at the moment but I thought I'd bump this for anyone who's interested, there will be vacancies coming up in the next few months.

I'll update when the time comes.

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