Health Insurance in Germany

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by dumbstruck, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody out there know if being a UK citizen residing in Germany and being an ex member of the armed services is entitled to free health insurance, I know that ex civil servants are given free health insurance. A bit vague I know but thats all the info I have, any help will be appreciated.
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    You are not only, a UK citizen, this is "Island Ape" thinking and antiquated.
    You are automatically also a European Citizen, (look at the front of your passport!) this entitles you, to the right of work and abode in Germany. This in turn entitles you to German National Health coverage(it`s better than ours!) The only things needed for this, are to be insured and registered which are compulsory anyway.
    Being ex-services is not relevant, plus or minus.
    I have been here 40 yrs, and the coverage has been great.
    (I am still a British Citizen with the right of abode)
    They may have "bombed our Fish & Chip shops", but are today, miles ahead of us, and are a good nation. A good tip for expats today.
    Language is no longer necessary, most Germans speak better English than a lot of Brits nowadays, anyway.
    Thats all "very harsh" for the nationalists on these forums, but it is fact.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Yes you need health insurance, when you have it you will receive a credit card like thing that you have to show when you visit a Doctor or Dentist etc.

    They swipe this thru their computer to check its valid etc.
    However don't be surprised if you have also got to pay extra for some things- prescriptions etc.

    BTW a tip is when you go back to UK for holiday or something bring stuff like aspirin/rennies etc whatever you sometimes need back from UK as they are a lot cheaper than here in Germany.
  4. Ditto the above, plus if you are near the Cloggy border then aspirin etc are cheaper there as well, or if you are working for the Army as a civvy, then there is always the Naafia.
  5. Also if you have worked more than 10 years in germany ,it qualifies you for a% of sickness insurance costs after retirement no matter where you are living, but like the UK govt they dont inform you you are entitled, you have to ask!!and as usual with german authorities , the service is quick and thorough :D
  6. apply for an e106 or e109 which ever applies