Health insurance a luxury?

Discussion in 'US' started by KevinB, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. You do realize it is against the law to turn anyone away from an Emergency Room based upon inability to pay, correct?
  2. You do realise that if you go to the emergency room and have no insurance, you will only be seen if it is a life threatening emergency (I know, as I have friends in this situation)? You do know you will not get treatment for cancer, diabetes etc. from an emergency room? That unless you qualify for Medicaid, you are SOL?
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Most worrying aspect I have seen of this is ArmyNet advertsiding BUPA at a reduced rate for serving soldiers.

    I know they got rid of the BMH's and the NHS is in a state but I hope that service personnel are still able to access priority medical treatment without having to pay for it.
  4. Where do people get the idea that healthcare is free anywhere. Wether you're paying a private HMO or the government, you're still paying out of your pocket.

    And as far as the 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance, half of them are elligable for Medicaid, but do noy apply. Another 20% make over 75,000 a year. What's their excuse? And right now, we spend more money per capita on healthcare than any other nation by a long shot, and we have a private HMO system.

    All of this money goes into making sure Government medicaid ricipients get the same quality healthcare as anyone else. Imagine how much it would cost to pay for such a system for the entire country.
  5. I know of no one in the US that suffers because of a lack of health care, even the Illegal aliens. There are many safety nets available to those that can't afford it. For instance, most states will pay the medical bills of any child that can't afford it. Most states, counties and large cities have free health care clinics. Any veteran can go to a VA center. All older people are covered under Medicare. Most people have their own insurance.
  6. there are lots of anecdotes which don't exactly show the US healthcare system in the best of lights. Not long ago, I read "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell. Some of you might have read it. He tells of when he and his twin (Morgan, who also went on to be a SEAL) were 21 (so, 1996, things might have changed since then) and working their way through college. His brother breaks a leg playing baseball; he is taken to hospital. He is uninsured and has no money. He works out a "payment plan" with the doctor, but the anaethnetist(sp?) will not work without payment. Morgan tells the doctor to operate without anaesthetic - doctor thinks he's mad, but he insists. Fortunately, a friend of theirs, uses up every dollar of their savings to step in so his brother can have an anaesthetic then the doctor can set the leg.
  7. Is why it is called emergency room. Pay for a Dr visit you slag would be how I would greet a non-emergency in the emergency room. Go down to the free clinic an get treated.

    Cancer is Darwinism at its best, die or pay up and hope to live a little longer. Or better yet head to some third world hell hole and have the medicine man brew you up some goat urine and monkey feces and cure you.

    Health care never has been and never should be free, get insurance or die is my motto.
  8. Wait until you or a loved one is in the situation, mate, then sing me the same song. :roll:
  9. "He that shall not work, shall not eat." Capt John Smith.

    "From each according to his means, to each according to his needs."Marx

    Guess which idea won. And didn't murder millions.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Seconded. A change in circumstances are a great leveler.
  11. 'fraid not, as I take responsibility for myself and family. Is a principle thing, I either have insurance or I don't. If I don't have insurance then I negotiate and pay for services rendered, or seek the charity of others. I don't expect the gubmint to provide for it, nor do I want the political buffoons involved in my health care in any way. Hell they have a hard enough time issuing drivers licenses. If I do have insurance I pay my premiums and get service with in the constraints of the policy which I negotiated, or my employer provides.

    There were plenty of years where I had no insurance and paid out of my own pocket for health care, visited free clinic or just suffered; so is life.
  12. Indians? 8)
  13. They would have if they could have. They were wild and primitive savages who needed to be broken and tamed. Now look at them. They are respectable businessmen who sell low price cigarettes and run fairly decent gambling casinos. It all worked out for them.
  14. you CAN be turned down by insurance companies right? And there's all sorts of clauses in the insurance which means that you might not get what you thought you were going to get. Just from what I gather from (right wing) US forums not Michael Moore's Sicko.