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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by polar, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Does AMS(V) have slots for Health Informatics staff?? I'm guessing no, but worth a try.

    I'm currently an NHS IT contractor (interoperability) and I could do with a change of scenery on the TA front (from R Signals).

  2. Join the regulars and sort out the DMICP/NHS SHC interface........................
  3. What's SHC? Have worked on the the other two
  4. Shit hospital computer?
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  5. Arent all hospital systems crap? (I wouldn't have work if they got it right).
  6. You would think so, but its usually because clinicians have been involved in the system development...............
  7. You don't mean admin staff or failed clinicians
  8. Have you worked on the National Programme for IT in the NHS?
    If you have ha, ha it's a CV killer!!!

    I was lucky they turned me down some 7 years ago, so glad they did!!!
  9. I had 3 months on that but escaped :) How many billions to provide integrated medical records?

    The DMICP/NHS interface intrigues me, I'm wondering what kind of data would be exchanged? Referral and discharge letters? (I know lab results are already). Sending records from DMICP to/from EMIS/INPS systems shouldn't be that difficult (but not to GP's using the NPfIT/CfH GP system).
    Not sure what else could move, mostly because of the state of NHS interoperability (different standards, etc).
  10. CAB for instance.........