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Health Care Assistant Selection Board


Hi :) Im in the process of joining as a HCA, and have my selection board coming up very soon. At my acquaint visit I was informed that its now changed from nvqs to a diploma. Any more info on the diploma system would be greatly appreaciated as none of the army site are update.
I know that phase 2 training is 6 weeks theory and practical with exams, then 6 weeks clinical placement (any ideas where this clinical placement may be??), then its 2 weeks intro in diploma in health. then one gets their first posting? Where could this posting be for HCA and is that a 2 year posting then or 3 year?
Also what other training is available after the diploma level 3 is completed??

If there is any HCA on here, what sort of jobs does one carry out on a daily basis??

Also at the selection board we have a numeracy and literacy exam, what sort of level is it at??

Hope this all makes sense, any help will be greatly appreciated:) Thankyou:excited:


Training is still NVQ based, contact the QA recruiting team with all your questions.