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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Quiet_Soldier, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. So I decided to be a good bloke and pick up some prescription medicine for a relative (the difficulty being that she has arthritis in her hands and can't do simple things like unscrew bottle caps or hold pens), she takes two pills twice a day to stop the pain. The pharmacist fetched the prescription and I noticed that it was in one of those child-proof bottles so I laughed my socks off. I asked the pharmacist (who didn't think I was funny) why they would put medicine for people who have difficulty in opening things into a bottle that is more difficult to open than normal and he told me that it was to stop children from swallowing the pills. Obviously. Everyone seems to have stories of 'Health and Safety' going crazy, lets hear them.
  2. Maybe a grownup could undo the bottle for you and you could overdose?
  3. That sounds more like the company bottling the meds didn't engage brain and load a friendlier style of bottle before pushing the start button on the machine.

    I'm usually the natzee in defence of H&S (heck, its my job!), as the problem is that it is used as an excuse to NOT do something.

    KFC used to put up signs saying "Due to Health and Safety legislation, we cannot heat baby's bottles". Bollocks is it due to regulations, they just didn't want to do it. I was thrown out of my local place a few years ago after arguing with the manager about it. Ok granted, he knew feck all and hardly spoke english, but it was only when I came back with a few journalists in tow that I got someone in a suit to talk to and now they say "We do not have the facilities to heat baby's bottles". The truth came out.

    One story that i'm sure to see in this thread is "that school that banned kids playing conkers". This story shows the trivialisation of health and safety. In fact two schools are known to have asked children not to bring conkers in on the advice of doctors as children had severe nut allergies. In addition one primary school head teacher brought in safety goggles for his pupils to play conkers. However he stated that the reason behind this was that he "wanted to make a statement over the increased fear of litigation". This point seems to have been lost on the media and the public at large.

    ::Don's flame-proof suit and awaits the flak :roll:
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  4. the last bar i worked in i was told "we don't heat baby bottles. ever"
    i could never understand why. so if asked, i would fill a jug with cold water and heat it with the frother from the coffee machine. As far as i was concerned it is then upto the parent to make sure that the bottle is at the right temperature.
    I completely agree with what was said above. I've never known a kid to lose an eye to playing conkers or having a severe nut reaction to them either. in my opinion most of this comes down to people being afraid of losing their job due to the company or in this case school being sued. as was said above "increased fear of litigation". tis all ridiculas.
  5. Don't worry i,m on your side , I work for the HSE :biggrin:
    People always bitch to me about this that and the other, my answer is simple............come spend a day with me and you will see what happens when it all goes wrong !

    Kind regards,

    R M
  6. I know that people with a nut allergy can get severe reaction and even go into anaphylactic shock. but I think it's OTT to put a warning up stating 'May contain traces of nut'

    On a fucking Peanut Butter jar label.
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  7. Just as a little aside re the whole 'conker and nut allergy' thing! Conkers are more of a risk for people with latex allergy, as they share some compounds!
  8. I'll go to bed a little smarter tonight, I didn't know that!

    I'd better not say too much then...we've recently had an improvement notice! :oops:

    I don't like using stats as a scare tactic, but trooping out ones like there were 550 actual physical assaults on paramedics in London last year, or the fact that the life expectancy for a paramedic who retires is only 2 years makes people stop and think!

    I just wish people wouldn't read the Daily Heil so often, then they might understand what the REAL point of H&S is