Health and Safety (Tips and Pointers for courses etc.)

Starting out on the road to Nebosh National Gen Cert, any pointers and tips,training providers etc. Not due to finish my 22 until 2009 so I'll be using my ELC.What are the employment prospects like with Offshore or Germany?
Hi mate

I can only talk about one guy I met who did the full thing on H&S. Basically he was a REME WO2 at a TA centre in the UK and spent his last 2 years doing loads of it. when he neared the end of his service he found the job hunt pretty unsuccessful mainly becuase companies tended to groom within or rather train an existing employee as that person would have a good relationship with the workforce and will know the companies way of doing things. They saw a new guy doing pure H&S who did not fully undertand the company as a bit of a possible danger.

Now this is only one guy I met but he claimed to have searched the area quite wide and got this sort of feedback from all over. suggest you send out some dummy/false CVs claiming you have the quals now and see what response you get. you can then, if you get a positive reply write back and claim change of circumstances etc.

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