Health and safety quals

Right, If I was to move into health and safety what qual would I start with- NEBOSH Certiicate?

Anyone working in the field?

And anyone now of any good providers in the Yorkshire area?
Hello my understanding is that there is the NEBOSH General Certificate and then the more advanced NEBOSH Diploma, additionally there are a number of other qualifications such as IOSH Assessing Risk, Managing Safely, Manual Handling, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health etc. I was intending to do a similar raft of course but upon advice changed my mind. I had heard that experience is the key in the industry and that a lot of civilian companies prefer to appoint their Health and Safety Managers form within so it’s difficult to get the experience and we get involved in a catch 22 situation, however that comment was from one individual and is by no means representative. That said they are pretty useful courses and you always have the potential to flag them up as additional qualifications once you have employment in a particular area and perhaps manage to get yourself involved in health and safety in that employment. Hope that helps.
Try the "questonline" website that deals with resettlement courses. It has list of course providers. I done the NEEBOSH gerneral cert and it is probably the best starting point. The cost seems to vary a lot.


For where, how and how much, try here

NEBOSH General cert first definitely but a good second is the NEBOSH Construction cert - there are LOTS of jobs out there in construction and they tend to pay slightly higher than industry or local government.

NVQ may suit you better than the NEBOSH Diploma -depends if you're an exams sort of person or not.

Tochka is right about experience - don't get too hung up on doing loads of courses. The best way is to start working on the cert and get some experience if you can.

I work in the field so feel free to ask anything you want to know :)
TOCHKA is right. Know of a REME Tiffy who was in a TA unit and spent the last 3 yrs of his service getting every qual going. Then went around town expecting to be snapped up only to find most companies prefer to recruit within and then train. The reason for this is that he/she knows the companies business mechanics and all of the key players in the company. What they fear (the companies) is some coursed up clip board maniac shutting everything down without consideration the the goals of the company, ie, making money and staying in business. Believe this guy ended up as a truch driver!
for H&S jobs try this

Experience and quals are both important, think about the area you want to work in and start setting yourself up with experience of doing risk assessments, safety plans, toolbox talks, method statements and the like, the certificate, combined with some experience, will get you in on the ground floor. If you are already working in the area you want to do H&S in, say transport or logistics or the medical area, you could be a lot closer to securing that job. Chat with the USO, and say you would like to get involved and he will bite your hand off.

Many companies are after something specific, like training, so think about the unit training you could get involved in, stuff like manual handling and first aid training is a bonus.

Plenty of colleges in Leds and York do the cert, if you are in Catterick, it may be worth going to Newcastle College, they get consultants in and charge around £500 for a 10 week evening course.



A good (informed) guess is that you may wish to tick these boxes:

1. Good experience of Occ Safety & Health matters. Highly unlikely in the army. (legal, policy, RA, health and culture)

2. Level 3 General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health. There is more than just NEBOSH out there you know.

3. Membership of IOSH. A lot of job adverts request this.

4. Further development towards the Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health. NEBOSH, BSc etc...

5. More experience (min of 3 years) in this field. Risk Assessments, Six Pack, New regs, RIDDOR etc...etc...

Tick all these boxes and youre laughing. The day of the NEBOSH L3 Gen Cert walking you straight into a job are long gone.
parasigs said:
Right, If I was to move into health and safety what qual would I start with- NEBOSH Certiicate?

Anyone working in the field?

And anyone now of any good providers in the Yorkshire area?
How did you get on with this??

I am the group H & S Officer for the company I work for. I completed my NEBOSH a few years ago and will soon be starting my NVQ level 4.

The main reason I got the job I am in is due to my training background as well as the NEBOSH.

The big thing at the moment is Fire Qualifications due to the Regulatory Reform Order which puts the emphasis on the property owner to carry out a fire risk assessment. This in the past was carried out by Fire Authoritys if the premises required a licence.

There is a lot of people making a small fortune from this but you have to be versatile.

If you need any more help, just get in touch.

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