health and safety at Perbright

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by civvi_cynic, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Visited Perbright canteen. First notice tells you that you should have brought your own cutlery, as they do not supply it. No probs, sez I digging out my diggers from my pocket, I’ll just go and wash them first. At the washing point I find the second notice that says 'For Health and safety reasons, we do not provide washing facilities' (or similar).

    Excellent. So for my @Health and Safety' I cannot wash my diggers, either before or after eating.

    What “Elf ‘n’ Safty” complete IDIOT came up with a solution to a potential health and safety problem that actually makes the problem worse.


    Anyone know the address for their local Health Inspector?
  2. It's spelt Pirbright.

    Feck off you civvy t0sser.

    Why did you not wash them last time you used them??
  3. Just buy one of these and stop being a wuss...all you need to do is lick it clean and put it back in your pocket...

    racing spoon
  4. Is this a challenge?

    This is what happens when you privatise.
  5. Bin there...done that...Piss poor diet though, you put the weight back on (when you start eating again!)
  6. Health and what ?