health and safety at Perbright

Visited Perbright canteen. First notice tells you that you should have brought your own cutlery, as they do not supply it. No probs, sez I digging out my diggers from my pocket, I’ll just go and wash them first. At the washing point I find the second notice that says 'For Health and safety reasons, we do not provide washing facilities' (or similar).

Excellent. So for my @Health and Safety' I cannot wash my diggers, either before or after eating.

What “Elf ‘n’ Safty” complete IDIOT came up with a solution to a potential health and safety problem that actually makes the problem worse.


Anyone know the address for their local Health Inspector?
whit_RE said:
Just buy one of these and stop being a wuss...all you need to do is lick it clean and put it back in your pocket...

racing spoon
Virtually unbreakable
Is this a challenge?

This is what happens when you privatise.

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