Health and Hygiene?

Dear All

I’m currently trying to put together information about the effects of not washing in the field. Does anyone have the information about how many people died in combat compared to how many people died with infection and disease in WW1 and WW2 as a result on not maintaining personal hygeine.

Furthermore, does anyone have any information with regards the old ITD Health and Hygiene?

You will get more decent information back if you put this on the medical forumns as majority of people in here haven't joined yet.
Death because of personal hygiene is very subjective. There are many factors that could lead to injury or death from DNBI (Disease and non-battle injury), Hygiene being one of them . The figures you will get will reflect this. You will not die because of poor personal hygiene, but it could lead to an infection which itself could cause death if you know what I mean.

Why do you need old ITD info. MATTS and WIPs is where you should be looking

edited because I used the word factors far too many times...

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