Health and Hygiene?

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I’m currently trying to put together information about the effects of not washing in the field. Does anyone have the information about how many people died in combat compared to how many people died with infection and disease in WW1 and WW2 as a result on not maintaining personal hygeine.

Furthermore, does anyone have any information with regards the old ITD Health and Hygiene?

Try speaking to the historians at the national army museum in Chelsea. They know masses of stuff about our history and they are very very helpful.
You should be looking for DNBI rates (Disease and Non-Battle Injury), which historically hugely outweigh casualties resulting from enemy action.

Whilst DNBI rates for cuurent Ops aren't going to be posted on sites like this, you can be confident that the same pattern holds true for just about every Op the British have ever engaged in. If you dig around, you can find open source material detailing the e.g. 100K + DNBI casualties suffered by the Soviets during their excursion to AFG.

A WW1 example though, if that's what you specifically want, is that in 1914 - 1915 there was a huge rate (15% +) of troops going down with trench foot (or equivalent). With the lesson identified, and the QM's popping out to Brantano for a job lot of wellies, this was hugely reduced by 1916. Again, a dig around at the National Army Museum will give you specific figures.

Hope this helps.
This is all great information. I’m looking for statistics of WW1, WW2 and any modern day war (how many died as a result of being a battle casualty and how many died as a result of DNBI.

Furthermore, would u have a copy of the MATT health and hygiene doc. Tried down loading it from here but has no instructor comments.

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