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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Matthius07, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. ...can anyone here recommend a good food product full of energy that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
  2. Porridge! Add milk and honey, and then it tastes ok too!
  3. No offence, but do yourself, and us a favour; post a bit less, and read a bit more.
  4. Okay, but I actually wanted a genuine piece of advice from what food(s) contain plenty of energy, I read more than I post :p
  5. I don't do drugs.. and I had a banana earlier :p
  6. Really?

    Try typing 'nutrition' into the search field and see what you come up with.
  7. Thanks, I think I have all the advice I can get that is sensible now, and sometimes things change when you search, the boffins could've decided that [x] isn't so good afterall :p
  8. Fine thanks, the sild are biting well.

    Why don't you pop over for a bit of pickled herring and some akvavit?
  9. He said he was fantastic, and can we delete this thread, and Mr_Deputy, are you still in the army? Or.. did you leave? What regiment were you/ are you in?
  10. Depends what kind of energy you want, theres slow release carbs, which are good for long runs/endurance work. or fast release, (high sugar content) for that 'sugar rush feeling'
    (both being CH2, carbohydrate based)

    slow release examples:
    brown bread
    (mainly whole grain...or brown as it were)

    Fast release being:
    jelly sweets/any sweets
    fruit (containing fructose rather than glucose which is better for you)..bananas are a good.
    you can purchase various CH2 gels in different flavours,
    also if you dont want to buy Lucozade etc you can make your own with squash and glucose or fructose powder which you can buy from health food shops, the advantage being you can have any flavour you like. and its cheap like the budgie.

    hope that helped a little..
    Miss A
  11. So is there some kind of balance you need between them.. Eg. Eating slow release about 1 hour away from when you jog and then a fast release before you get going for example? Thanks :) I lack energy :p
  12. Alpen. But dont buy the brand name version go to asdas and get their version for 59p or so compared to 2 quid. Keeps me going until long after lunch.

  13. Right i'll check it out when I get a job :p
  14. Just read this book and thought I'd see if it can be of use to anyone else.

    Power Eating Clicky

    Anything that tells me I must eat 3400 calories a day is fine by me. Sort of explains why i struggled to maintain any kind of intense training routine on my old diet.

  15. I have some of that, some extra oats, some frozen berries, some mini weetabix and milk into a large bowel (I use a pint of milk easily) and a cup of tea.
    After that 2 sausage, 2 potato cakes (from asda) and 2 eggs with some bread.

    Keeps me going until 14:00-15:00 (and I eat after training at about 08:20-08:50).

    Also, nuts (almonds especially) are full of healthy fats