Health an safety, human rights, basics a piece of pi$$ now!

Before we start I know the Lads (mainly) have it tough at the sharp end at the moment, thats not in doubt :salut: BUT.....
chatting to a mate of mine I was in training with, who stayed in and is now at the dizzy height of major, he was saying how tough it was to be tough with recruits in basic training, or whatever its called now.
Which got me thinking, whats the worse violation of heath and safety or human rights that ever happend to you? Was it really that much harder 20 to 30 years ago or longer :oops:
I was dangled out of a fouth storey window by my ankles, while the cpl below made me scream out what a cnut I was for daring to leave a bit of toothpaste on me brush. I have a shedload more but, over to you :D

edited to get maximum shock and horror value with thread title


War Hero
leapord crawling at 3 in the morning until sunrise through prickly bushes, which was shadowed by the fact that we had to empty our water bottles before hand and not have a replen until the following morning.
I seem to remember someone thinking that tank crews needed some 'live casualty' evacuation drills out in BATUS.

1. Dig a pit, quite deep to be fair, in front of a hard target and therin place some cnut who failed to pick a longer straw.

2.Give troops of tankies all the 9mm they can carry, dot some fig10 and 11 around the prairie.

3.Give 'Go!'

4.Listen to the sound of 9mm ball, ricocheting off the armour of the 'hard', and thudding into the ground in front of said hard.

5.Marvel at the Range Safety Staff trying to control the SMG fire on to the fig10/11

Fun it was.
Roll Up, Roll Up, post your far fetched stories here :roll:
Being wakened at 2am by one of our pissed-up NCOs who turfed us into the drying room for 10 minute doubling on the spot followed by 10 minutes outside the block doing leg-raises in -5 Celsius and our shreddies.

Later turned out he'd got the wrong room and was after his own section. Oh, how we laughed.
dingerr said:
Roll Up, Roll Up, post your far fetched stories here :roll:

Is that aimed at my story or the thread in general?

If it's the former;

Nope, in the 70s I think, but I can't remember exactly. Certainly, it was either when I was Recce, mid to late 70s or with D Sqn 3 RTR in the early eighties.

The pit was not dug by us but by BATUS, who the ex was designed by I do not know; whether just our BG or all Med Man I also do not know.

If it's the latter;
It's the NAAFI FFS. :roll:
The whole troop leapod crawling 1km up an aggregate track. Everybodies knees and elbows were just huge scabs. When it came to the next pt parade after that exercise the PTI had a sh1t fit when he saw the state of us.

Swimming in Hawley Lake in mid January wearing Ron Hills and a t-shirt. Absolutly fecking freezing.

Thread in general. Its bound to grow arms and legs. There's always someone who's had it harder than the next.
Seeing troop individuals getting bested with a log in the drying room for an hour at a time think the lads lost a stone a session! Laughing at the troop upstairs geeting bested for issuing a regimental bath to one of their own and the lad who got it getting bested alongside them for being a grass.

Fcuk about factor in the troop lines were we doubled on the spot changing step for ages until the sweat was lashing out of you.
And the odd love tap/pressure point grab cause it was fun :)
Being charged on a parade for having a non issue cold sore. Same parade the comment "Grow your hair son" cos it was too short!

My mate being pulled for having a pet without permission when a spider ran from behind his locker on an inspection
I had a similar experience except he took my blankie as well. I had to drape a combat jacket over my hear to muffle the nighttime sobs.

It scarred me. Do you think I'm entitled to the compensation I deserve?

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