Health according to postcode

It says it is:

A revolutionary new health quiz uses that your postcode and a few personal details to foresee your health in decades to come and predict what illnesses you are likely to be admitted to hospital for

Health Quiz

Might help motivate a few souls with their New Year fitness resolutions! ;-)

Now excuse me as I need to prebook an appointment about the Varicose Veins they reckon I might get - foxy!! :lol:
It says I´m dead!
BM1 21.6 and all health risks below national average :D

"I'm still a lean, green luvvin machine!" :wink:

Cheers Flowers, varicose veins huh?, you may have to opt for the 80 denier hold-ups. :lol:
hmm, interesting! Quite a useful bit of info. Time to go running methinks!!
Phew! Still alive. Even though I live in/near the worst part of the UK for fatties! ;)
My BMI is 27.5 however I do have quite a musculer frame and it says im over weight oh well never trust them BMI scores anyways.

Great post other than been a fat bastard it says im fairly healthy thank god.
Holy crap, looks like I was aborted.

Btw, hi everyone ...nOOb here, like to say my welcomes.

That chart thing says im overweight.... BMI of 25 odd.
I'll grace forward my Cartman defence, i'm not fat ...i'm big boned.

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