Healing the Wounds Ruffling Feathers Again......

Just goes to show that charities are not sufficiently regulated. Either for their existence or what they provide.
Just goes to show that charities are not sufficiently regulated. Either for their existence or what they provide.

Exactly Dingerr....this lot came to my attention a while back as one of the bloke working for them said he was ex 216 Sigs and served in the Falklands War....no one from the Sqn at that time had ever heard of him and when some of the blokes started digging it seems that most of their 'Councillors' etc had no quals whatsoever.
I know they were mentioned on here at some point but I can't find the thread....I'm shit at searching hence I'm not a copper!
Hi I am new to this site, been looking at Healing the Wounds , it looks like the BBC have all the wrong information, I found this on face book. the BBC stated the Charities Commission(CC) had confirmed it is investigating Healing the Wounds, but The CC have sent an email the HTW see below.
Charity Commission - Comisiwn Elusennau
Your Ref/Eich Cyf:

Our Ref/Ein Cyf: MR/1134594/c372569/Wales

Dear Mr and Mrs Richards,


Thank you for your emails of 21 and 28 October informing us of the BBC Walesprogramme about Healing the Wounds.
I can confirm that we currently do not have any regulatory concerns regardingthe charity and are not investigating the charity.
I am afraid that we are not in a position to advise the trustees on how to dealwith the situation following the broadcast of the programme. Managing thesituation, including the reputational risks to the charity, is theresponsibility of the trustees with the benefit of professional advice ifappropriate.
I understand from your statement that you are currently gathering informationand will then be considering your options, having taken legal advice. Whenmaking any decisions regarding how to deal with the situation, the trusteesmust always act in the charity’s best interests and must be able to fullyjustify their decisions. You may find our guidance on decision-making helpful:

Yours sincerely,

Martha Rose
Martha Rose



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And your link to the email sent by the Charity Commission? Anyone can post anything on Facebook - I'd be more impressed if you posted a link to the equivalent message on the Charity Commission's website. Then we'd know directly the Charity Commission had no concerns rather than replying on a Face Book post - which may or may not be the full email.

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