Headtorches & Petzl Headtorches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ReadySalted, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Which is the best Headtorch?
    Everyone seems to have those Petzl ones.
    Any good?
    And if so, which are the best?
  2. Spend no more than £30 notes.

    I've had mine for 4 years its done 3 tours and been on atleast 6 major exercises, not to mention been borrowed by my sister for a school trip.

    Still fighting through in good nick. Albeit with the word "C0CK" on the head strap.
  3. Petzl Tactikka XP - absolutely gleaming (haha) bit of gear but a little pricey at around 40 smackers!
  4. £10 of beer tokens gone in a heart beat.
  5. POUNDLAND £1 does the needfull
  6. We have just bought a fair few, on the GPC card, of these http://www.peli.com/

    They are quite good and you can use them in a explosive atmosphere area, hence why we bought them.
  7. Petzl e-light does white light red light flashing light and weighs nothing
  8. I like the yellow ones we were issued in Bosnia. Made you look like a doctor from a "Carry On" film. It took something like two AA batteries.
  9. A bit of shameless plugging there eh? :D
  10. I find that dousing my swede in petrol and sparking it up, saves me a fortune in batteries whilst providing perfectly adequate illumination.

  11. Most head torches use AAA batteries - can be hard to get hold of and don't hold a lot of charge.

    I use a common Mini Maglite (AA batteries) and a NiteIze headband. Does the trick and (surprisingly) is a normal torch as well. And is an electric candle etc.

    The headband has two loops, one for AA Mini Maglites and one for AAA Maglites. As the headband gets older, you'll need to move the AA Mini Maglite into the AAA loop.

    The biggest advantage is the range. Most headtorches used LEDs which give a flood of light. The Mini Maglite can be focussed, allowing you to illuminate at a distance (spot) or at close up (flood).

    Petzl produce a good range of headtorches, but they're specialised. Great for caving, less good as a versatile torch for range, area and visiting the turdis on a dark night.
  12. Got a petzl mirco which is powered by aa batteries .Cheap shops have led
    head torches for a £5 .and ever ready do for £9 which does red and white light quite good and not a drama when you break it lose it .
  13. Does it turn you ginger?
  14. Only if you get the redhead band. :)

    But the photo confirms one of my statements - AA Maglite fitted in the AAA loop!