Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sparky71, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    I want to get myself a new headtorch, one of these fancy LED numbers. I'm after decent battery life, light weight, waterproof and ideally a red filter.

    So far I've found the Petzl TacTikka fro about £25. Anything other top tips?


  2. Silva have just brought a range of headtorches in slightly walty cammo finish, but very good. They have things like 25-50-100% output, red LED mode (no need for a fiddly filter), flashing distress mode.

    Cadet Direct have the full range. I went and had a look at all of them and settled on the L3, which is the best interms of value and features.

    Bloody useful bit of kit. Don't know how I managed for so long without one.

  3. Walt,

    I was about to protest the weight of the Silva torches, but the realisation has just struck me that the Petzl units are all AAA batteries whereas the Silva ones take AAs. And I know which battery type I'm most likely to be able to blag out of the QM so I think that the Silva wins on that count alone!

    (And I have by the mighty power of Google been able to find one in a nice simple grey rather than the natty DPM look)


  4. The all up weight with batteries for the L3 was a bit of an issue with me too, but so is availability. Whilst me as ACF generally gets fcuking zip from our sector QM, I can, fairly regularly blag army batteries, AA size.
  5. Taktikka is good.
    AAA batteries last well and there's a low battery warning light on the side.
    Red filter slides over the lamp, so no blasts of white-light fcuking up everyones night vision when you switch it on.
    Off the top of my head it's got three strength settings and 'strobe'.
    Small and light with good reach.

    Only bad points are:
    push-button on/off switch tends to get pressed when it's in your pocket, pouch whatever. Just remember to reverse on of the batteries and you'll be ok.
    AAA batteries you'll struggle to get through the chain, so private purchase only.

    That Silva has come down in price. AA batteries available from man at Q&M. Not seen it up close so can't really comment other than that.
  6. Petzl E-Lite. Very small and light, has white and red lightd and strobes, has a headband or clips to helmet elastic, is waterproof to 1m, bright too.

    Only downside; used coin-shaped batteries which the QM is unlikely to have. They last for ages though.
  7. Aldi do one for £3ish. LED has strobe function. AAA batteries though. It will break just as easy as an expensive one.
  8. One of our guys got a wind up one so no need for batteries at all

    Only problem was it looked like he strapped a dildo to his head
  9. Have already got one of those thanks. She loves it too.
  10. Again, big problem for me with the Alpkit one would be having to cycle through white light to reach red.

    Major nause if you have to keep yelling "right lads, close your eyes, I'm about to turn on me torch".
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I have a Petzl Tikka which I've had for years, (Got it when I worked for NTL) & I've just got it out out of my webbing.Have'nt used it in month's & the batteries are just as good as they were months ago!It's comfy & the light unit is hinged so if your taking orders,you can direct the light down to your lap & take notes without blinding the briefer.
    CQMS should be able to get the batteries easily enough.My RQ was.
  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    msr,speaking of wikki,i have loads of powerpoint stuff,mostly cadets stuff but adaptable, on SAA,Fieldcraft,First Aid ect suitable or wikki.