Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by KleenUpGuy, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Looking for a headtorch for military use, managed to misplace old torch. Looking a the tactikka but something a bit cheaper would be better if there are decent standard one available.
    Or would people recommend an alternative such as a small maglite type? I won't be wearing a helmet so the headtorch doesn't need to be helmet compatible and must be comfy without a helmet.
  2. I've seen a headband type job for attaching an aa maglite for not much more than a tenner. Cadet direct or survival aids is your best bet, though you can't really go wrong with petzl.
  3. Try tescos or B+Q for a cheap cheerful one
  4. Duracel do a guddun. Tescos for a tenner. Got a red light setting on it too!
  5. Petzl e-lite, or Asda do a good one for a tenner, at the pricey end of the spectrum the cool kids are using Duracell tuffshok (IIRC)
  6. I recommend the Petzl, probably the best head torch I've owned
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    Have you looked at the link on the top of this forum from Bad CO Announcements - Military Clothing & Boots
    It's the new online ARRSE shop and they have a offer on Petzl

    P.S. Bad CO any chance of commission ?
  8. Can't see the link on mobile version but I am aware of the This Tribe website.
    I'll go look in tesco tomorrow.
  9. Petzl are the best ones I've had, although I did pick up a half sensible one from the naafi in the Falklands (Energizer I think), and saw the same one in Tesco when I got back. That was quite cheap, and had red light too.
  10. Hhh my bad I didn't noticed the sale.
    Yes petzyl seems quote popular, I saw a silva headtorch in the BCB catalogue which looked good.
  11. Aldi used to do a Petzl looky looky torch for around 2.99, worth checking.

    I buy the ever ready two packs of head torches for around 8.00 or 9.00 and have them dotted around house, car and rucksacks for emergency use.

    I kept buying, using and losing gucci torches so I buy multiple cheap ones now............'cos that way if I lose one I still have one and I don't cry at the expense.

    Torch wise I love Fenix, but I lost my last one in cloggieland.
  12. Tescos do a good one for a tenner.
  13. I recently used this on the Lakeland 50 and was a bit unsure to start with and was considering getting a Petzl Myo but I'm glad I didn't.
    This worked an absolute treat and for the price you can't go wrong......

    Gamma LED Headtorch - Alpkit
  14. That is issued kit. It's plenty good enough, and it's free.