HeadTeacher Killer not to be Deported

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stvwardy, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1280591,00.html

    yet again this government is demonstrating, just how perfectly, it can screw up the justice system


    sorry if its been posted before.

    EDIT: this was the first news story i was old enough to remember at the time, and it really pis*es me off that this is the state the country is heading,

    we cant even fuc*in deport to a friendly nation

  2. You are obviously reading a different article from the one you have linked to.

    The one I've read clearly says that the Govt are appealing against a court decision..which one are you on about ?
  3. The fact that they have to appeal, is a disgrace in itself, the government has the power to change the Human Rights Act, and yet it still refuses.

    he is a killer, imprisoned here, at cost to us taxpayers, he should have been deported immediately, and banged up in Italy.

    the fact he hasnt is an insult to the Headteacher and his family
  4. I agree, but you (they) can't just change it overnight. With the tories suggesting a scrapping of Human Rights and an introduction of a "British Bill of Rights" I think that examples like this, and many before them might just be the push that this Govt need..but they can't knee-jerk react to individual cases.
  5. well reasoned Pocoyo, and true,

    im just irritated that the government continues to defy common sense and continues to allow this sort of thing to happen

    pressure from "Human rights groups" is also a reason, {in my opinion}

    bowt time they allowed the human rights of the victim/vitims family to be more important than the conviceted offenders.
  6. Unfortunately,even if he were to be deported to Italy,he would have rights to return here,as an EU citizen!
  7. This is total disgrace , I feel so sorry for Mr lawrence family having to go through all this trauma again .
  8. I'm sure he will immediately settle down, find a job, raise a family, all without taking a penny in benefits, etc, etc, you fill in the rest.
  9. aloysius :with pleasure

    Fu**in benefir scrounging, multiple child fathering degenerate scrote, leeching off the backside of this country waiting to be scratched by a irritated nation

    why dont you f*ck off back where you were born

    too long have we sat here and watched as the immigrants {illegal ones} waltz over, get our housing, get our taxes, father a few more kids, rake in more taxpayers dole, and finally.

    decide to either preach hate, and/or march through london demanding citizenship while the police watch these obviously illegal immigrants and do nothing.

    spit on the floor do i.
  10. anyone else noticed how many pregnant Polish girls there are....or maybe it's just me. 8)
  11. I’m surprised that anyone is surprised by this.

    Justice for law-abiding citizens and their families in this country was lost years ago when we surrendered meekly and feebly to the hordes of hand-wringers who were allowed to force ridiculous Brussels based ‘Yooman Rites’ on us. His Tonyness and the rest of his horrible rabble should all hang their heads in shame – but they won’t.

    Still – at least that vicious thug of a murderer has made sure the ‘system’ has safe-guarded his ‘rights’…….

    As for the Govt appealing the ruling.....does that make it OK then...?? No it doesn't. If we hadn't sold our soverignty and right to self-determination down the river, we wouldn't be appealing now.
  12. I don’t understand:

    The government are elected by the citizens right?

    And the governments job is to look after the citizens right?

    And this young chap, outstanding member of the community he may be, but he isn’t a citizen.

    So how in gods name does he have ANY rights in the UK?

  13. European Human Rights Act I'm afraid. You should read this for a well reasoned argument on the deficiencies of trans-national laws imposed by unelected non-national governments, an example of which you are currently witnessing in the Learco Chindamo case.
  14. Very simplistic view but here goes :-

    Your a foreign national living in this Country and break the law.....
    Next plane home to Country of Origin. The rights and Safety of British Citizens/Taxpayers should ALWAYS come before whatever the bulging waistline beaurocrats of Europe say because they are only interested in lining their own bank accounts.
  15. Wonder how long it will be before someone stabs or shoots Learco Chindamo, the Mafia hitman's son?

    [Or vice versa he stabs or slots someone else?