Heads up

Surrey correspondent reports.

The good news is that approaching 30,000 people have now signed the petition in support of a SSAFA proposal to convert a large house in Grays Lane, Ashtead into a discrete facility offering overnight accommodation to military families visiting loved ones, in rehab, at a nearby convalescence home for injured Services personnel.


Have you signed yet? Have you encouraged your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to add their names? Have you passed on the petition details to your email contacts over the Internet? If not get cracking – as Mole Valley District Council’s planning committee is meeting up on Wednesday evening to consider it!

Yesterday we were please to report that the ARmy Rumour SErvice (ARRSE) – which is an informal, non-political, Army orientated, Internet community – has set up a dedicated campaign site, which may be found here - which is also promoting the petition.

Today we learn that the Association of British EX-Service personnel (ABEX) has joined the growing band of Services orientated Internet facilities asking people to support our Services personnel and their families by signing the petition. We strongly recommend that you visit this site as it covers a very broad range of issues of both general, and specific, interest to all those who appreciate the work done by our Armed Forces and who recognise that their families deserve support and respect as well.

The ABEX site may be found here.

The PETITION may be found here.

In addition please also email the planning committee at Mole Valley District Council to express your support for the SSAFA proposal. The email address is planning@molevalley.gov.uk

Our Services personnel and their families need your support – don’t let them down!

Oh fcuking great , very helpful :roll:
Just recovering from connection failure - where's that from, PTP?
Ahh. Was wondering why the article itself was making our usually calm leader swear in public.
Abex is the BNP ex-Servicemans organisation.
Is that definite, PTP, and known? If so, maybe best to remove the link. Had a look round their site before putting it in and didn't see anything obvious.

Will PM and email A_A to hold on the update now until you give the say-so.
As it happens, A_A was sunning himself on his lake with a 6-pack this afternoon, so hadn't even seen the update. Caught him with about 5 minutes to spare.

Have weeded reference to them out, and re-sent.

Now the links out are BBC, Telegraph, local Guardian, us, Rear Party, Rum Ration, PPruNe and the Fisher Homes.

Plus e-goat from the "help" page, but forgot them on the links update :oops:

Haven't changed the test-site yet because stopping the "real" update was the priority.
I would say so.

And the people on the prtition signing their name with the post-nominals BNP :roll
I'm gutted seeing the posters on the BNP site.
If they had hotlinked them from my site I could have had some fun changing the images but annoyingly they've uploaded them to their own server.
Well, if anything gets commented on, I've got the email where ABEX cold-contacted me via the site, so pretty clear we didn't go looking for them.

One point from the post I made at the time (Fri night I think) - they (ABEX, not the BNP "official" as far as I know) are hoping to get some of their members to the meeting on Wed.

Not sure if the post got overlooked with the amount of info flying around, but best to be aware.

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