Heads Up Thermal Socks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Historyphil, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Hello each

    B.H.S. in Colchester are selling winter socks with a 2.5 TOG rating ! All sizes at £6.99 a pair.

    I bought 2 pairs last week for her in doors for Christmas but she found them during one of the regular house searches she conducts (calls it cleaning) and now is wearing them all day and night and swearing by them. She swears alot especially when I'm there.

    Best festive wishes to all our readers
  2. " wearing them all day and night and swearing by them"
    Was she saying "What tight bastard bought me socks for Christmas" ?
  3. Thermal Socks for Christmas.... and they say romance is dead... the person who gave them to me certainly would be...
  4. Do oyu have a link to this great xmas bargain? please
  5. Yeah they go with the new apron, ironing board cover and marigolds set from Wilkos that she aint found yet.
  6. B.H.S. = British Home Stores. There may be one in your town.
  7. Wait till she sees her new ironing board, she'll be ecstatic.
  8. Easy on there bro' who said anything about a New ironing board! Read it properly ironing board cover theres loads of life left in the old ironing board she's usin' now, if it was good enough for her Granny its good enough for her.
  9. Can't answer as to their effectivness in the field Deputy, it could be up to you to trial them in that area. They could work on static stag but the constant rubbing of boots ... ?

    SWMBO is only wearing them in doors and to get the coal in. And Yeah I know females can stay awake longer then real men can so I know what I'm going to get the minute I drop off. Never mind the thousand yard stare I've got that hunted look in my eyes that says longtime relationship.
  10. Answer to "can we put the heating on Deputy" is an emphatic; "No, run up an' down stairs for a bit then put on the Wooly Pully you got for the 25th Anniversay. The one I got second hand from the Outdoors store in Romford".
  11. 2.5 TOG! isn't that roughly equivalent to a bin bag? I have a summer weight quilt which is 4.5 Tog. Do you live in a boiler room?
  12. Hello Fez, No don't live in a boiler room but know that 2.5 tog is good for socks better than artic socks. Have you ever put your boots on over a quilt and did it work, mobility and wear etc?
  13. Quality Reply!
  14. A kilo of illegal diet pills and a pap smear would be too good for you.
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Why would you put your head up a thermal sock?