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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Just seen an advert for this 'Drama' whilst waiting for the Dispatches programme.

    "DRAMA: The Mark of Cain
    On: Channel 4 (104)
    Date: Thursday 5th April 2007 (starting in 10 days)
    Time: 21:00 to 22:50 (1 hour and 50 minutes long)

    From BAFTA Award-winning writer Tony Marchant and director Marc Munden, and starring Gerard Kearns, Matthew McNulty, Leo Gregory and Shaun Dooley, The Mark of Cain is a provocative, graphic and moving drama portraying a group of young British soldiers in Iraq.
    (Subtitles, Audio Described)

    Director: Marc Munden"

    A group of soldiers in Iraq. Think it puts us in a good light? Oh no, its about the torture of a group of Iraqis and the subsequent courts marshal of the "group of young British soldiers" what dun it.

    Personally I think we should get together to put Channel 4 right about this, campaign as hard as it takes.

    Edited to say the quote comes from the computer TV guide Digiguide
  2. Feel free to start the ball rolling any time you wish Sven.

    Some of us have to work for our living!
  3. I have learned to expect nothing less from Merkator.

    I confess I am not up to speed on the campaigning front.

    What I have found is that You cannot complain to Ofcom before a programme has been aired. They do, however, suggest emailing viewerenquiries@channel4.com

    I suggest that anyone interested in stopping members of HM forces being shown in such a bad light should also contact the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport - Tessa Jowell tessa.jowell@culture.gsi.gov.uk

    If anyone else has any suggestions I would be pleased to hear them - even if they are as constructive as Merkators
  4. Given that you haven't actually seen the programme, how do you know that it's about British troops torturing Iraqis?

    How do you know it's not a story about how a "group of young British soldiers" got caught up as the stooges in a political scam to prove that 'we are better' than Saddam (being seen to prosecute even the slightest misdemeanors - or where no misdemeanor has actually been committed).

    Now that would be a far better campaign wouldn't it: stop Channel 4 from insinuating bad things about HMG.

    Given that it seems loosely based upon the farcical QLR and RRF legal proceedings, and Channel 4's normal contaversial stance, the latter possibility seems just as, if not more, likely.
  5. The title of this thing is clearly a quote from Col. Tim Collins' speech to 1RIR at Camp Blair Mayne in Kuwait, just before they went north - and perhaps an attempt at irony, since TC was specifically warning 1RIR not to do what these fictional soldiers are alleged to have done.

    I wonder what the film-makers/Channel 4 think they're achieving?
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nothing more than getting their ratings up - it is all they are interested in. :roll:
  7. From The Times entertainment review pages (my highlighting)...

  8. I honestly believe that some media outlets are so anti the war in Iraq and AFG that they are willing to go to great lengths to galvanise the people against it - including this programme.
  9. Or, in the case of the Times, have a poke at the government
  10. It's called democracy - freedom of speech - the right to protest against illegal wars, and incompetent, deceitful governments.

    The British media rarely (if ever) made this kind ofattack on British actions in NI over 30yrs, in the Falklands, or even in Gulf War 1.

    This time round it is different. B'liar defied the UN, lied to get his troops in there, under-equipped them, got them stuck in an unplanned aftermath, ignored the casualties, treated the families of the dead like sh1t, and presided over a series of ill-conceived badly investigated and unsuccessful prosecutions, many of which (like Collins' and Mendonca's) were pointless posturing - except in the eyes of a politically correct minority, many of whom seem to work in the MoD, and wear uniform, FFS!!

    Frankly, that only one playwright - and a tosspot poser at that - has written a piece of p1sspoor theatre about the mess, ought to be a source of deep concern: there's material enough there for an Army of Shakespeares, all writing tragedies to transfix generations to come.

    And if they were all against the Iraq campaign (the war ended 4 years ago, remember), on grounds of illegality, strategic needlessness, incompetence, or all three at the same time they'd be dam' right.
  11. It's a form of freedom of speech. " . . defend to the death your right etc etc . . . . " Tragically, it does often involve actual loss of real lives. But would you want to live in a nation where freedom of expression was stifled?

    We'd have no ARRSE, for starters.

    Let's wait and see what this film involves.
  12. They have the right to castigate British troops on the basis of dodgy photos , they have the right to print lies and half truths, they have the right to print insurgent propaganda as truth, they have the right to publish Italian tantrums likewise.
  13. Hang on

    Stonker - just so I can be sure I've got it right, are You stating that it is ok for the media to cast British doldiers in a bad light just so that they can use it to manipulate the public into voting against this government?
  14. Superb post stonker, an 'Army of Shakespeares' indeed. And still they wouldn't run out of tragedies to describe.
  15. Alas, they do. All of that. It's part of the total price we pay for liberty of expression. But it's nice when they eventually admit they've been relying on flawed "facts. So few ever do . . .