Heads-up re "INCOMEiiinnnggg"!


Which probably means Im going to be subjected to another round of blood pressure raising stupidity from the cretins

I owe thousands because when the new rules came in ( you now pay a fee for them to collect payment)

I ( sensibly you would think) changed from debiting to them to setting up a direct debit to my ex direct
Not being stupid, I went through the CSA of course notified them of all details - ensured they agreed.

3 years later - I'm hit with arrears and non payments
A quiet word is had, then a louder one

It turns out as my ex didn't return the paperwork they cannot confirm payments took place
Because my exes bank details are different to the ones she gave - they cant confirm ive paid ( Bollocks cant be arssed and wont)
In short I still owe several grand - that ive already paid -
At the moment its on hold because my ex hasn't contacted them for the money

In short if she asks for my arrears, her word I havent paid is better than any evidence I have.

Another round of we will collect arrears fuckwittery is not what I needed

To add insult to injury - my daughter was dumped in care and so the last 12 - 18 months payments she wasn't there - Im out the country so that was easier to play with a few lies - half truths etc.