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BBC4 10.30 pm, programme about Fleetwood Mac BBC - BBC One Programmes - Fleetwood Mac: Don't Stop

"Fleetwood Mac: Don't Stop" BBC4 | 22.30 | 04 Feb (was preceded by Peter Green docu at 9.00 pm)

Check the website BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Schedule, Week 5, 31 January - 6 February, 2011 for broadcasts of both docu's this weekend 04, 05, 06 Feb 2011.

Wouldn't normally get excited but the whole Fleetwood Mac story, and the Green God's story, are must-watch stuff for some of us. And that story with Green's Les Paul, involving Gary Moore and some skulduggery, allegedly.

If the Les Paul was flogged by Moore in 2006, that means I got to see THAT guitar in Hannover, around 1992?
One can dream.

Not sure if both programmes will be on i-Player later. But I hope they are.


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