Heads up for anyone wanting to buy some new Canon kit.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by sammym, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. I've just decided to buy my first prime lens. I decided it would be the Canon 50mm 1.8 as it's cheap. However I then realised that Canon are running a cashback deal on at the moment. Basically you buy the lens and send them a copy of the receipt and they send you money back.

    However if you buy two items which qualify for cashback you get an extra £30.

    Short version is, I've ordered the 50mm 1.4 from Amazon along with a flash. I'll return the flash after I've put my claim in, and will get the flash at a bargain price which not even the chinese grey importers can touch.
  2. Presumably you mean lens. You won't be disappointed - I had the 1.8 years ago and it was a belter. The 1.4 gives you that extra wide oomph
  3. I grabbed an 85mm f1.8 from calumet recently and got £35 back, worked out cheaper than buying a used one of eBay.
    Lens is truly fantastic.
  4. Haggle nicely at the shop, get 10-15% min. off the price and also get this cashback on top.