Heads up, cheap new Megane CC, £44/week - LING! WAH

I hope this is OK, but I have just been tipped off about some cars that are very cheap, just sold 8, so I thought I would let everyone here know. If you feel you want to delete this post, no offence taken, but I am doing the ARRSE mob a favour with this advance notice of these dead cheap cars.

I'm just giving the heads up as these are incredibly cheap and will only last a few days I think, after Monday's rush begins.

A supplier has got Brand New Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolets Dynamique trim. Both 1.6 Petrol and 1.5 Diesel. In metalic. These are brand new and I can supply at £150/mth +Vat = £176.25.

That works out at a total cost to you of £44.06 per week for 2 years. Do the maths, I do not kid you. You pay insurance.

It is a 3+23 deal, i do not know if there is a finance document fee until Monday. You service the cars (at 18,000 milles) but RFL is included for the full term. Full Renault warranty, these are UK cars.

You would pay 3 payments, followed by 23 direct debit monthly payments and it is a 10,000 mile a year contract, for 2 years.

I do not have further info, but as you have all been so nice I am giving you the heads up. You will appreciate this is cheap, I'm not just trying to flog you cars. Nice car for the summer, eh (give to wife in winter, hehe).

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