Heads Up! Catherine Jenkins and Darcy Buseell on "Strictly..

Heads up, Catherine Jenkins and Darcy Bussell looking feckin stunning on SCD, Beeb, at 8.30 Sunday night.

Best u zap ur telly on BBC One fellas and hide woody from her indoors , like. :D :twisted: :wink:

Catherine looks well, legs out and voice booming. Darcy struts her stuff.

Alesha Dixon an' all, are they trying to cheer us all up ?

Followed by.... more totty....legs out, hips swinging. Sunday night was never this feckin good. This telly programme offers more eye candy every week. Yes?
Heads up - more like Todgers up
Can't resist :twisted:

"On TV handset select button numbered "one", or other buttons, to select the television programme you would like to watch" From My TV handset guide, hope that helps... :wink:

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