Heads up at Catterick!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Fandangohxjg, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody who has just passed cattericks CIC Course please give me a heads up on course progression. what i mean is what level of fitness is the average recruit at when he starts? Things not to do! At what stage do you do the army basic fitness tests? Is there any subjects i can learn or revise before i start basic?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or help! :cyclopsani:
  2. Just run enough to keep the fat off - a lot of young blokes these days struggle with press-ups, so I'd work on your upper bodt strength. All the training is very progressive so there's nothing to fret about. Just be prepared to work hard.
  3. My run time is now 9.36 as of tonight and i have just completed 53 push ups and 78 situps in the two minute time period. Is this sufficient?

    If you fail the fitness requirements for a pass do you get remedial training?
  4. Looks good mate! Just keep pushing yourself. If you don't make the grade you'll be given ample re-tests and additional training, don't wory you'll be fine. Make sure you join a good Battalion.
  5. Joining The Rifles after i complete the cic course at catterick! Just waiting for a letter with a date for my intake!
  6. Got a date for my intake up at Catterick...May 6th.

    Fantastic news! Really cant wait to get started...Waited four years for this opportunity!

    What happens at the attesation?
  7. fitness levels range from v good to shockingly shite, however the really shite ones are usually from fox platoon

    ps you start 2 days after i pass out :D
  8. Hi, the attestation is nothing to worry about.
    Usually a trip to your local recruiting office where you swear on the bible to serve the Queen blah blah blah,
    you get a nice cert. to prove you have done so. The day you go is normally your service start date too. (assuming you are 18 or more.
    Good luck with the training, do as you are told and give your best and you will be fine.
  9. what you said u got for your run, push ups and sit ups, is a pass. you get tested on em for the first pt lesson, then again at six weeks. a pass is 10.30 for the run, and 50/50 for sit ups n push ups. so youl be fine. you will find some things hard, sometimes feel like quitting, but DONT and youl look back a few days later and think it wasnt that bad. also dont listen to what clowns tell you about what you have to come, cuz iv heard some horror stories, and everything i have done was nothing like i was told it would be.

    chris, you pass out the day i get my 2 week holiday! wish it was me passing out lol. what regiment ya in m8??