Headphones for running?

At the moment I have ones that are in ear. With this windy weather they keep popping out. Even after changing the bud size. Did have Sennheiser wrap arounds but thought the sound quality to be poor and eventually after a short while one side stopped working.

Is there anything (sensible suggestions) that someone can recommend?



Seinnheiser are (in my opinion) the dogs bollocks when it comes to running head phones.

Sennheiser/Adidas OMX 680 High-Performance Stereo: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

I've had pairs similar to these and they are very good, and keep the earphones nice and secure, however I found that due to the amount I sweat they could work their way loose, especially if I was out running around the training area and cross-country stuff.

Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 680 High-Performance Rugged: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

I now have a pair of these, again they are really good and stay nice and secure, though I've found if I wear them for a long period of time that they can make your ears hurt, they're also annoying if you use them whilst on the train or something similar as the back of the band pushes against the seat and can make the ear phones loose.

I find that you generally pay more for seinnheiser but I think that you get what you pay for and they certainly beat any of the other "sports" earphones I've used in the past.
I also have problems running in my current headphones, the cable is only five meters long! Never mind space stations and mars missions, it's about time someone developed some sort of mobile gramophone that fits in your pocket.
I can't keep any in my ears, but being a resourceful chap I have Diana Ross and the supremes follow me around on a large float.
Does Diana Ross just wail about being "molested" when it transpires she has a vagina full of cocaine?
plantronic backbeat 903's Plantronics | BackBeat 903+ I have a pair of these and they are very good, my ear canals are quite small though so they tend not to fit exactly, but I hold them in with a coolmax beanie, even in summer and they work great.
I have ears that have been designed to pop off all sorts of headphones. The best I have found so far (for sating on my Lilliputian ears) are these:

Earphones - Bang & Olufsen

Many airlines sell them in on-board duty free if you're a traveler.


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I went off Sennheiser and went back to using these - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00007EDM8/?tag=armrumser-21

My Sennheisers were £30 and lasted a month, whereas I've been through 3 or 4 pairs of the Sonys with no problems (until they went through the washing machine/got dumped in the daysack and smashed up)

Allegedly, HMV always have these Sonys in stock. So when one pair break, you can buy some new ones, stick the broken ones back in the packet and take them back to HMV for a refund. Allegedly.
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