Headphones and running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dr_Evil, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone recommend - from personal experience, not an infomercial - a brand and type of headphones which don't bounce off when their wearer is running?
  2. Doc, its far easier if you just commit your dodgy septic running cadences to memory rather than rely on a tape.

    "I dont know but I've bin told-

    Naafi pies are four weeks old!"

    etc :wink:
  3. There are some made by Panasonic, with a Nike logo on, that are top notch, not the 'bud' type but proper headphones. Really light, durable and havnt let me down yet (and I run a lot of miles)

    see link here (copy and paste into address bar)


  4. Oh oh oh the blue and silver Sony ones that hook over your ears are indeed fab! I got mine from Dixons, only about £10!
  5. The Sony 'plug' phones are truly fantastic, not only is the sound quality amazing, but as you would imagine, they also act as ear plugs. In my opinion however, this is a bad thing if you're running in urban areas. You certainly will not hear the horn of the bus that is hurtling towards you.
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    ive never had a problem with my i pod bog standard ones. Get em in nice and snug, keep the wire slack and get on your way.
  7. I would also endorse the Sony 'in ear' ones. Hold in place very well, even with sweat getting in your ears. Cost about £30-£35.

    However, if you are using them with an iPod, the sound is not as good as it could be or if using the 'issue' iPod headphones.

    However, the issue iPod headphones tend to fall out if you break into a swift walk - so, what do you do, compromise quality for sound for an earphone that stays put? Neither, the answer is (or what I was hoping):

    Purchase a pair of iPod 'in the ear' headphones. You get the excellent sound quality and a headphone that stays in place - THE LYING B****DS. They constantly fall out, and the lead is too short. I have tried all 3 sizes of buds and they are all as useless as each other. Thankfully, my good lady gave them to me for Xmas (as well as other things), so I don't feel to aggrieved.

    My recommendation is the - Sony fontopia ear plugs. Compromise on sound quality, but they will stay in your ear!
  8. Thanks for the advice.

    The in-ear jobbies sound (arf!) like they'll do the trick, especially as they'll block out the MTV muzak during (rare) treadmilling. I'm not too fussed about sound quality, so long as they don't sound like a fly caught in a tin can.

    flyboy: don't the back-of-head 'phones thwack the back of your neck irritatingly as you run? Or are you the speedwalking type?

    Speaking of dodgy septic cadences, check out: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00005O3W3/?tag=armrumser-20. I am quide lidderally staggered that these CDs exist.
  9. I also reccomend the "in ear" type by Sony. Ihave used them for ages now and they are brilliant. also brilliant for travel (planes) as when you go to sleep and your head turns, it sits comfortably in your ear rather than digging in and hurting, causing you to wake up!

  10. ASDAs £6, clip over each ear.....work a treat but you look a right berk....hence why I only run at night!

    Or if you're a flash C**t....suure (sp?) make in ear monitors for rock stars to use on stage individually moulded to you ear canal and wedged right in - i've been told there's nothing else on the market that compares and they've just been released for public use...........did I mention they cost about £190?
  11. Shure make industry-standard in-ear personal monitors. Shure.com They are made for use by musicians during live gigs, they have outstanding quality and external noise reduction, but they are a little pricey for jogging in my opinion!
  12. Lawyer is he wearing a PRR headset?