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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rhino_Stopper, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Paras 'beat boy to death'
    Defence Editor in Colchester

    SEVEN Paras walked away laughing and clapping after beating an Iraqi teenager to death, a court martial heard yesterday.

    The elite troops were said to have used their rifle butts, feet, fists and even their helmets to batter Nadhem Abdullah, 18.

    They also punched and kicked five other villagers — one of them pregnant — after mistaking a group of innocent Iraqis for criminals, the hearing was told.

    And they allegedly shot a barking dog dead before leaving two of their victims, including the doomed lad, unconscious on the ground.

    Nadhem died on his way to hospital from head injuries caused by a rifle butt crashing on to the back of his skull.

    The Paras — a section known as Delta 21 Charlie — are the first soldiers to go on trial for murder in Iraq since the war on Saddam Hussein was launched in March 2003.

    The historic court martial in Colchester, Essex, is the first of three war crimes trials facing British troops in the next six months.

    A total of just 21 soldiers — out of 100,000 who served in Iraq — face charges of murder, abuse or neglect over the deaths of civilians during the anarchy after the war. Some are highly decorated.

    There has been public uproar this year about troops from Iraq being dragged through courts on their return home for crimes allegedly committed while trying to do their jobs.

    Prosecuting QC Martin Heslop told yesterday’s court martial: “This is not a case of soldiers responding under attack or being required to defend themselves in an operational engagement.

    “It was nothing more than gratuitous violence meted out on a number of innocent and unarmed Iraqi civilians. These assaults were unjustified and wholly unprovoked.”

    Mr Heslop said the attack took place on May 11 2003, three weeks after the war ended.

    The accused soldiers fought in the conflict with the Third Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.

    Their mission after the war was to bring stability to the tinderbox Maysan Province north of Basra.

    On the day of the alleged attack, they were pursuing a white car that sped through an Army checkpoint and into the village of Al Ferkah.

    The QC said the Paras, in a Land Rover and a Pinzgauer jeep, mistook a pick-up being used as a bus by locals for the white car.

    After blocking in the pickup, they dragged out the driver and Nadhem, who was in the front passenger seat, and forced them to lie by the side of the road.

    Mr Heslop said both were repeatedly hit and kicked until they passed out. Two brothers who were passengers were also battered.

    The QC added: “Two women who tried to intervene were assaulted, one being pregnant and the other having given birth two weeks before.”

    DNA tests revealed blood on one soldier’s rifle butt was Nadhem’s.

    And boot prints on the victims’ clothing matched footwear worn by some of the Paras.

    But a post mortem was never carried out because the body was swiftly buried.

    All seven soldiers deny murder and violent disorder. Four are still serving — Corporal Scott Evans, 32; Private Billy Nerney, 24; Private Samuel May, 25, and Private Morne Vosloo, 26.

    The others — ex-Privates Daniel Harding, 25; Roberto Di-Gregorio, 24, and Scott Jackson, 26 — have returned to civilian life.

    The case could last three months at a £10million cost to taxpayers.

    It is being heard by a panel of seven senior soldiers presided over by Britain’s most senior military lawman, Judge Advocate General Jeff Blackett.

    The hearing was adjourned until next week.
  2. Sorry Mods - wrong board...can someone change please ?
  3. DNA tests revealed blood on one soldier’s rifle butt was Nadhem’s.

    And boot prints on the victims’ clothing matched footwear worn by some of the Paras.

    But a post mortem was never carried out because the body was swiftly buried.

    How do they know this if no post mortem was carried out?
    Yet another case of UK lawyers with £ signs in ther eyes...............scum of the earth
  4. You don't need a post mortem to get the guy's blood, it will have been in his clothing and dressings on his wounds. All the evidence will be challenged, in the meantime stay calm.

    As to the nature of elements of the legal populace .... agreed.
  5. big holes in this case. I think the prosecution will be ripped to shreds on this one, big waste of time.
  6. Nadhem died on his way to hospital from head injuries caused by a rifle butt crashing on to the back of his skull.

    If no post mortem carried out how can they be sure that this was either
    a)the main cause of death
    b) there were no other contributory factors

    also if there is blood on one soldiers rifle then he is going to get most of the grief but again how do they know it was the weapon that was the cause of death

    Also if he was in an Iraqi hospital and it was suspected that this had happened because of british troops i cant understand how the body would have been buried so quickly if the family believed the matter was going to be pursued in such a way.

    Just my personal opinon but had to say it - rant over
  7. What's the fuss about? The paras are famous for the occasional outrage like this.

    For Muslims, religion goes above anything. The lad had to be buried as soon as possible - on the same day, unless he died in the evening. That's a religious necessity, and it comes before anything worldly.
  8. I bet you're one of those retarded w*nkers that have "deferred success" stamped on all school reports. A useless waste of space who's done f*ck all and never will. Gutless c*nt.
  9. I thought it was ARRSE policy not to discuss sub judice CM cases?
  10. It is, but some moderators are rather inconsistent, depends on wether it's that time of the month for the mod I think.
  11. It's been moved here from the Int. Cell for a decision by me.....

    Can you guess what that will be? :D

    I'm typing this so often, I might make it a sticky :(

    For those who either have not seen previous notices on this subject, or think they can willfully ignore them - There is no discussion allowed on sub-judice cases. There is no discussion allowed on pending, or in progress courts-martial.

    Arrse is not a loose hodge-podge of the general public discussing issues of the day , it's userbase is almost entirely Active and Reserve UK forces , and veterans. Because of this unique position it occupies , it is the subject of intense scrutiny. Arrse is read and posted to each day, by a great many people , not all of them have the support of the Army in mind. Sometimes , what you say can end up in the Media , it certainly has before, please remember that.

    Some of you will be intimate with the details of this case, please keep your own counsel.

    This thread is locked, pending deletion. Any further references to the specifics of this case will be deleted.


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