Headline News or NOT!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Count.Dracule, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. So there I was driving down the A303 in a semi daze and occasionally cursing the odd mong for driving like a twat, listening to BBC Radio 2!

    When suddenly a discussion was being aired on whether the death of a soldier on operations should be headline news or not!

    Most of the replies were as i would expect and showed the due respect that should be afforded to not just the fallen but troops in general, so that a nation sleeps soundly in bed at night. However there where some throbbers on there that made my blood boil!

    1st Chap ' Why should we listen to it, i turn the news off every time I hear anything about the Wootton Bassett show'

    2nd Chap 'People die everyday in work they chose to do, soldiers choose their work and know the risk, so we do not need to hear everytime someone is killed'

    There was more, just thought i would hi-light 2 that got my back up! :x

  2. My bold but I think it answers your question

    R2 is designed to attract twats that can't quite let go of their immature youth and accompanying views. Who else would employ Steve Shight and his OAP Possee (twunt that he is) to repeat what he was doing in 1981 on a daily basis?

    Try 5Live. It can be a bit self obsessed (Gaby Logan) but even people like Richard Bacon know where to draw the line and have some respect.

    Peter Allen on Drive is top man. He is genuinely in awe of some of the accounts of people's actions that come out of Afghanistan and never fails to treat every death with the respect that the fallen deserve.

    edited for mong spelling
  3. Thought you were referring to Gordon Brown lying, sorry 'making an error' about the defence budget being virtually buried on the BBC News. Which gripped my shit, a touch.
  4. Well if you will listen to the
    "Browns Bullshiting Cunts"
    what else do you expect from the useless labour arselickers :? :twisted: :twisted:
  5. And yet their political editor is a card carrying Tory, who at one time chaired the Young Conservatives.

    A conversion on the road to Damascus - or are you talking bollox
  6. Can't you limit yourself to talking about getting a job and disability discrimination?
  7. Can't you go and boil your head
  8. Jezza made his opinion quite clear tho'
  9. Not in work time, but then, you wouldn't know about that...
  10. In that case, do it soon after, very soon after.
  11. Will do, at least I'll be paying for the lecy I use out of my own money rather than from other people's taxes...
  12. Hmmm! Quentin Davies used to be a conservative, John Reid used to be a communist, Bercow used to be a Thatcherite, Chuchill was a liberal at least once, Blair was happy to lick Republican and Democrat @rses, Sven used to be a LibDem before fighting Labour's corner in a desperate attempt to protect his benefits. John Prescott claimed to be honest working class before getting his 2nd jag, country mansion, croquet lawn and obliging secretary

    Just as well people are always utterly consistant eh?
  13. But Robinson is STILL a member of the Conservative party, calling into question the left leaning BBC rubbish
  14. Rather than discussing what they are calling into question, why not answer what people have called into question about you here...:

  15. Please tell me that's not true. As if we don't have enough problems already...