Headlight deflectors for continental headlights

Do any of you clever vehiccle types know the answer to my conundrum. I have just bought a new car as I am posted to BFG in 4 weeks, I had it fitted with LHD lights already, do the light deflectors you get in say Halfords work on these lights or do I need to get some one to send some over from the continent? Thanks in anticipation.
Thanks Comedy Dave, I read through it but it didn't tell me if deflectors purchased in UK will work on Contnental Headlights. I probably didn't explain it very well.
depends, some have a more prominent kick than others, which car is it?
If you get pulled over by plod in the UK, which I very much doubt, just tell them you're a squaddie over from/going to Germany and they probably won't bother. How often do you see the French, Belgians etc with deflectors on their headlights on UK roads? In 20+ years (over 10 of which in Germany) I've never heard of anyone having any difficulty back in Blighty with the front lights on a BFG'd car, RHD or LHD. It's only such an issue in BFG as it's part of the SOFA aligned to the tax free car/fuel etc.

The only thing to be aware of is you have a single rear fog light - in the whole of Europe cars are meant to have it on the driver's side and if it's already been swapped to the LHS for BFG it may be obvious to UK plod. I got the garage to enable both sides, as that could easily be done for my car, but that's not the case for all. Do check as you can also fail BFG if it hasn't (depends how thorough the BFG inspector is).

Enjoy the LOA and tax free fuel...............
Thanks for all the advice, I think I will just leave them and reduce my night time driving.
If you've got hight adjustable headlights just dip them down a bit when you're in the UK and no one will notice.

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