Headley Court/Combat Stress

The Rt Hon Gentleman isn't the only one seeking views. Inquiry from Indy on Sunday prompts this:

MattyGC's case (among others) has attracted legitimate interest from The Independent On Sunday, who are now looking to talk to wounded/injured soldiers (+ ex soldiers), Reg or TA, and their families, about their treatment on return from Iraq/Afg, inc those treated at Selly Oak and Headley Ct.

Subject has a thread of its own.

If you are or know of guys/gals in this boat, and who want to go public - here's where to look. Any BAFF/Legion types looking in might want to make contact with the Indy, if they feel strongly about this issue.


If there are other threads where this might reasonably be publicised - pse do so.

Unfortunately the IoS is only focussing on a small area rather than the bigger picture the not qualified for anything else aka politician guy is trying to do. The IoS irritates me because it's acting as though this is a new problem. It's not.
Headley Court now has a full time shrink, well over due in my eyes. The saying goes healthy body healthy mind, well there isn't to many healthy service personnel at Headley Court. Long term injuries and disabilities can very often bring on severe depression. Fixing their bodies and aiding the mental health of those injured requires to be done as soon as possible to give them a fighting chance to get back to as normal a life as they can.

Headley Court is being extended with lots of new buildings, I believe this is to enable them to cope with the ever increasing numbers of injured service personnel. All we need now is a military hospital to enable a quicker time frame for operations. I had to wait 18 months for my first spinal op and then 33 months for my last one. I'm still waiting for the spinal steroids, 13 months and still no news!

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