Headley Court/Combat Stress:written evidence accepted

[quote="James Arbothnot MP, Chairman of the Defence Committee]
"On Thursday 14 June, I and other Members of the Defence Committee visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, and Combat Stress's treatment centre at Tyrwhitt House in Leatherhead. This was the first of several visits which will be part of our inquiry into Medical Care for the Armed Forces.

We were impressed by what we saw. Headley Court is a remarkable place. We spoke to patients and staff, and were struck by the dedication and positive outlook of both. The rehabilitation that goes on is a story which deserves much more public recognition than it gets. We were told, for example, about an amputee who, within four weeks of leaving Headley Court, was hiking on the Brecon Beacons on his prosthetic leg, carrying a heavy pack and a rifle!

Combat Stress also performs a vital service. We had a chance to speak to some of the veterans in the treatment centre, and to hear their stories. It was a salutary experience. The Chief Executive of Combat Stress was frank with us about how overstretched the organisation is, and how great and ever-more formidable a challenge it faces, with referrals steadily increasing.

We would be very interested to hear from anyone who has had experience of either Headley Court or one of Combat Stress's treatment centres."

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chairman of the Defence Committee
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1) There was an excellent article about DMRC Headley Court in the Jan 5th edition of RAF News but unfortunately I don't think it is online anywhere.

2) Soldier magazine featured three items in their March edition, including a memorable front cover.

3) Also, Radio 4 programme recently featured three patients going through...Arrse thread here refers

4) and finally, both BBC and Daily Telegraph covered Sgt Mick Brennan's bid to become part of the British Paralympic team following his extended treatment at Headley Court - another thread here.. Good article in The Times by Olympic Gold rower Mathew Pinsent here.

( I take it Mr Arbutyesbutno is not an Arrse aficionado?)

Good to hear the Defence Select Cttee were impressed. Somebody must be doing something right down there - outgoing CO collected an OBE in the Birthday Honours List. Top bunch of people.

Bravo Zulu guys !

Don Cabra
I hope they took note of the crazy road that splits the site and the lack of either traffic calming or pedestrian crossing - I was told that one member of staff on a bike was badly injured in a collision with a speeding car (supposedly 30mph limit as I recall).
Thanks yet again Sven.
Nonetheless the Right Honourable is asking for experiences at Headley Court/all Combat Stress centres - and these can be compared to experiences of treatment (or not) in civilian hospitals, and referrals from GP's.
We now have the opportunity to have a say, why waste it?
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