Headless Man Illusion on Windsor/Eton Bridge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devon_Walker, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Around four to five years ago we saw an illusion on Windsor/Eton Bridge, whereby a (headless) figure appeared to sit in a large chair, smoking a fag. No head ! It was there most days, and we couldn't work out how it was done.

    Anyone else seen this illusion and if so; how do you think it was done? And no, we weren't bladdered and it was there.

    Windsor Bridge or Windsor Town Bridge, is a road bridge over the River Thames between the towns of Windsor and Eton in the English county of Berkshire. It now only carries pedestrian and cycle traffic, and crosses the Thames just above Romney Lock.
  2. How did it smoke without a head?
  3. With smoke and mirrors, obviously.
  4. It didn't need a head if it was smoking a fag, it could have just strangled him (creeps away)
  5. I saw this too !! Well thanks for offering various degrees of help , and for your replies. I saw this too and "He" was on the bridge at Eton/Windsor during Summer 2007, and almost every day.

    Suffice to say, for anyone who hasn't seen this illusion (and that seems to be all of you) despite it sitting on the Eton/Windsor Bridge, this was a very very good one. No built-up body to hide its head,as in the videos suggested, and "he" sat in a very comfy armchair, legs crossed, cigarette in hand. So he couldn't have been smoking.
  6. A piccie would help!
  7. Was it Ken Bigley?
  8. Sorry, this biff omitted to take a photo. However someone stationed in Windsor may have seen the illusion". We could not work out how it was done.This was a "well dressed" figure sat on the middle of the bridge, in an armchair , ciggie in hand, legs crossed (and moving) hands in white gloves (moving) must say the chair was rather large and plush. Fantastic illusion. Here's hoping....
  9. Was this some sort of mime artist begging in the streets busker type of sponger, or John Cleese reprising his "Nearly Headless Nick after a shaving accident"
  10. Any (sober) Old Etonians here could assist? Shurely must be one of them.
  11. Nope, wasn't that sign . BTW a search of Goiogle turned up, nowt.
  12. Do you need a bigger hint?