headhunting screwed me over?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by nistrum, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. hey guys, this may or may not result in an outright hurling of insults.. we will see.
    basically im at the point where the voice inside me telling me i was always supposed to be a soldier has kicked me in the face and told me to be a man about it. my problem is as follows.
    first year of sixth form i wasn't really sure of what i was up to, stuffed up came out with 1 AS level. got my finger out changed 6th form and got myself 3 nice grades. my work prompted my chosen uni (bournemouth) to invite me out after my AS levels and i went directly there.. didnt pass go didnt collect £200. (this is 140 ucas points so far)
    i get to uni do 1 year get headhunted by a company and they pay for me to get a privately accredited course. i do it and im in a happy place (its basically a degree, but obviously not recognised by the army). after working for the next 5 years im thinking what the hell did i do... i end up here. if i show i have the potential is it still possble to go in for officer selection or am i basically screwed? id like to go infantry command or heli pilot..

    Sorry for the massive wall of text, thanks for reading it if you got this far?
  2. Fuk it - give it a go, you'll regret it if you don't.

    Get your arrse down the careers office - they can only say no, you might not want to after you see whats on offer.

    Good luck!
  3. You do not need to be a graduate to attempt RCB. Go to your careers office, they can advise you.
  4. yeh my only major worry is the lack of UCAS points. is it 100% set in stone or can it be circumvented by looking at the obvious fact that i only lack the points because people saw my potential? seems a bit silly to miss out because people thaught i wwas good enough to promote me out.

    CC_TA what do you mean by whats on offer? not much recruitment going on at the moment. i know theres a long que for signing up.. but does it mean your left with the less desirable units?
  5. UCAS points aren't the end of the world. If the worst comes to the worst, get yourself down to college and do another A or AS. It can only help.
  6. but then thats another year im wasting. i'm not concerned about being able to do it. but id be far more useful to the world going into the army now....
  7. Dont tell the recruiting guy about the voices in your head! :D
  8. hahaha. fair point. ill definately take it under advisement :p. id consider taking another A/AS level if i could do it shorter term, anyone know how i could do that?
  9. It's possible to do a part-time evening intense A-level course in a year. That's for a full A-level, not an AS.

    Adult learning: DirectGov
  10. Could you do retakes? You can just sign up to do the exams in some circumstances. Get the books yourself and redo one of your old courses if you think you can improve it.
  11. I don't know what the rules are on retakes. You're best off ringing your local college and enquiring, though they may just recommend you call the examining body.
  12. Go to the Careers Advisor. If you're a good chap they will point you in the right direction, if not they'll tell you to go regular.

    You'll never know if you don't try. Get the right answers from the right sourse, although you'll have to do well to prove to AOSB that you are a smart guy.
  13. thanks alot guys. you have been a massive help. i have seen some threads like this with people getting slated, so im glad i managed to avoid that one.

    yeh there are some i could retake.. id prefer to take the direct route rather than waste a year of my life doing something like that. as long as you guys think that they can look beyond the UCAS scores ill take my chances :)
  14. Someone needs to bitch-slap a reality check into you. If you want a commission so much it hurts, how could spending 12 months to get the points to do it be wasted? It's a fcuking investment, sunshine, it's a fcuking investment!

    At the same time you spend 12 months getting really fit, take up an outdoor pursuit like climbing or kayaking, and getting a few more ticks in boxes to aid you through the process!

    And when you make CGS, remember it was me, StickyToffeePudding, that told you to man the fcuk up and make an investment in yourself - now go to it!

    Good Luck!!!
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Or approach your local TA unit....