Headaches / Migraines in medical history before AOSB

Hi guys, I've a new question subsequent to my gripe about having a dodgy wrist going into the AOSB... (no I'm not a hypo :))

I've been suffering on and off from bad headaches since I was a kid, and was on medication for them for a year or two (no real help). Sometimes they're pretty rough, sometimes just annoying. But they've never stopped me from doing anything I wanted more or less, they're just a royal pain in the neck. My doc often talks as though they are migraines, but in fact they arent that bad, just blinking sore heads.

So my question is this: If he fills out a fitness form and he puts down "migraine" i'm screwed right? Do you think they'd accept it if I said they arent migraines and are just headaches which have mostly receded anyway as I'm a good bit healthier / fitter?

i.e. can I explain them away or is the docs word final and I'm going to have to sit beside him with a big stick as he fills out the health form and make sure he writes my version?


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I had migraine on my med forms, but this was ok because they were about 8 years ago - when was the last time you saw the doc about them? I think you need to be 4 years clear!

I can't actually answer the question you've asked, just give you my experience - sorry.
Yeah just don't know if I'm going to be labelled as a migraine boyo or just someone who gets headaches. There is a distinct difference. Maybe I'll lean on my doc for him to give the "correct" thing for me :D

Cheers for answering anyway, if they do try to screw me for the medication thing I reckon I'm just about 4 years off that crap....

thanks man.

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