Headache for U.S. military as $30 BILLION worth of equipment in Afghanistan starts to

I expect we'll have the same headache with our kit.

It was always going to be a tough job - but the reality of how the U.S. will ship out $30 billion worth of state-of-the-art military equipment from Afghanistan is now starting to hit home.

Tens of thousands of weapons, tanks and artillery have to be taken out of the mountainous, landlocked country by the time U.S. troops end combat operations at the end of 2014.

And souring relations with neighbouring Pakistan, who have closed main transit routes, and its notoriously atrocious roads are creating major headaches for planners.
A military official said: 'We have had 10 years of bringing things in, with none of it leaving.

'The stuff we have here is the very best the U.S. has ever produced. It's better than anything available (to military units) in the United States.'

'But the challenges of geography are enormous. I wish Afghanistan was a coastal country with a great port, but it's not.'

'I wish Afghanistan was a coastal country with a great port': Headache for U.S. military as $30 BILLION worth of equipment starts to be shipped home | Mail Online

Attempting to extract all equipment by air would be prohibitively expensive, although the costs can be reduced by flying kit to friendly ports in the region. Another option is to move through the north of Afghanistan.

Russia and its allies in the central Asian republics have been happy to help the Americans get into Afghanistan in the last decade to suppress Islamic militants they regard as a common threat. But the countries have not yet agreed to help the Americans leave and US diplomats are engaged in intensive negotiations to strike a deal.

The Isaf official said some of the central Asian states needed reassuring that a wave of drugs and other illicit goods would not accompany the removal of military kit, something they recall from the drawdown of Soviet troops before February 1989 when the last Russian troops quit the country.

It is all in stark contrast to the winding down of the US war in Iraq, a country blessed with a motorway network and a port in neighbouring Kuwait that was happy to be used as a US staging post.

US army's new Afghan nightmare
I have a distinct feeling someone is going to get very rich out of all this!


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Maybe that is why they are sabre rattling with Iran.

Saves shipping the stuff back to US. Just jump in and invade the next door neighbour.

Once your finished, drive on down to the Gulf and back home via Suez.
Whatever they leave behind it'll have been worth it. I mean we've achieved stacks there haven't we? There's no way the taliban will crush ANSF once we pull out.

I take it you don't buy into the great 'We've brought democracy, peace, prosperity and and end to middle age feudalism to the Afghan people' message then.;P


I think the ANSF will revert to their previous state of being corrupt as **** who will turn a blind eye for a few dollars.

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Have you ever seen a US military Vehicle Park?

They tend to cannibalise the oldest vehicles to provide parts for the newer vehicles.
Wonder how many in Washington are flicking through the Ἀνάβασις or settling for The Last Centurion for inspiration.


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from that scurrilous website:

Stig said:
79 Rly Sqn was offered up for disbandment as a savings measure by someone influential in BFG in 1995/6, or thereabouts. LAND said no, as a rail operating requirement still existed, but the could/should move back to the UK. The choice of location was Bicester or Marchwood, based on the fact that both had significant rail infrastructure. Marchwood was chosen, as it was cheaper. Once they arrived in Marchwood it became apparently that they couldn't drive trains there anyway as they railway belonged to whatever existed before the DLO, who said it was their ball and 79 Sqn weren't allowed to play, so the troops had to commute to Bicester daily (for training?).

Once in Marchwood, someone influential decided that a Rail Sqn was not tenable as a sub-unit and it would become just a troop in a Port Clearance Sqn. This meant that it went from having three rail trained officers (including the OC) to a single rail qualified first tour 2Lt looking after the rail capability for the Regular Army. An interesting decision to say the least but feelings were running high at 17 Sport and Pastime as SDR had just axed HMAV Arakan and Ardennes to provide manning for another Bde Sp Sqn, or something like that.

After the decision (in principle) to make rail just a troop, the Rly Sqn deployed in role to Kosovo and semingly did a fine job running a rail LofC. I am sure there was a funny article in the Waggoner/Journal/Stainer about this.

After a couple of years of Rail Tp within a Port Clearance Sqn (what is the correct military acronym for clearance?) someone at LAND(?) decided that Rail should be a Sqn again, which apparently has come to pass.

The long and short of it is that LAND have a requirement to have a rail operating and recce capability on the Regular Army ORBAT.

Anyway, that's what the RHQ cleaner told me, and she knows everything.


I think the ANSF will revert to their previous state of being corrupt as **** who will turn a blind eye for a few dollars.
Please explain 'revert'?

Back to the OP; you'd have though that given the amount of stuff going in over ten years, someone, somewhere might have started thinking about this little problem before now.
Moving it will be a case of just shifting it over the border into Iran once the Iranians decide to have a go at a yank ship.
Looks like Afghanistan will have more kit grave yards alongside the ones the Russians left. Another legacy of failed ambitions to add to the ones already present from times gone by.

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