Head wear in junior ranks mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by klinger, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Evening Gents

    No i'm not a senior but I'm hoping that I may get an answer to a question in here.

    "What is the official line on head wear in the junior ranks mess?

    Berets/TOS etc are removed but i'm talking about civvy stuff. There are guys & girls who are excused removal on religious grounds, but what can they get away with?

    eg. baseball hats are banned.

    But what about wooly hats? Surely if a young lad who wasn't normally excused head dress walked in wearing a "beanie" he'd be told to get it off.
  2. If I were in a mess acting as the orderly Sgt and some scrote walked into the mess wearing headgear, they'd get short shrift from me.

    Only exceptions are on religious grounds or if you are duty and needed to wear it but in my experience you pongo's will use any excuse to wear your headgear indoors :D

    Mind you, it's better than the RAF Officers I've seen bimbling around minus headgear whilst in uniform. Bunch of ill-disciplined cnuts. :evil:
  3. The same standard applies in civvies or not. No headress unless for religous grounds.
  4. Thanks. Just to clarify the question, the offender in question is allowed head dress on religious grounds. Isn't wearing a wooly "beanie" flaunting the rules a bit? Turbans or similar fair enough. :?
  5. If he has to wear head wear on religious grounds, then doesn't his religion state the appropriate type. A "Beanie" certainly didn't appear in the Koran, Bible or any other Tome that I am aware of :?
    Obviously be careful how you approach the subject but I would certainly seek further advice and then Bollo!! the little sh!te for taking the pi55
  6. definately a beanie & not a ...what ever the heck they call those jewish skullcap things the guys wear?
  7. Klinger,

    Would help if you clarified what the religious grounds were. Then one of the learned ones could come down from on high with a suitable link.

    Didn't unit have a brief ref do's and don'ts for this to educate all?

    Could always join the attached, if you can't beat them join them scenario. Not sure how the Duty bod would react when you start carving up your meal with a light sabre or shorten the q by using the force...........

  8. Too true the_matelot, especially baseball caps - I hate the bloody things. Only exception from me would be for medical reasons (ie) someone with a nice neat bandage wrapped around his nut.