head torch really necessary?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. In the kit list it says a head torce is a useful extra, is this really necessary? I have an 80 lumen torch, would this not do for basic training?
  2. You will find a head torch is possibly one of the best investments you could have, seriously, get one and guard it with your life, people have killed for them in the past.
  3. Head torch = most useful bit of kit to buy. You need to be able to do things while it is dark - both hands free is the way forward.
  4. that 80 lumens torch should ensure a sound beasting the first time its used in the field. :mrgreen:

    get a petzl headtorch with either the flip up or slide red filter. tactica is the slide one

    you will be surprised how little light you actually need when its dark, and by using red you wont be so obvious or ruin your night vision.
  5. Right, cheers for clearing that up. I will get one then, I was looking at that Petzl Tactikka too, it does look a nifty bit of kit.
  6. my tactika lives around my neck on exercise, and in my coveralls pocket at work.

    Batteries can go quick, always use the lowest setting, and keep 2 spare sets wrapped in tape (3 per set)

    AAA batts are a pain to get through the system too, but a pack of 12 from the pound shop will last ok!
  7. My lad, who is half way through phase 1, swears by his headtorch and leathermans.

    I have the same headtorch i bought 10+ years ago, extremely handy bit of kit all the way through your career.

    They don't put kit on the list for fun, well alright sometimes :)

    Best of luck
  8. Consider the Silva range of headtorches, much more robust than Pretzel. gnreally brighter too.
    I ocasionaly carry a Silva L1 as a back up lamp underground, have used it for a couple of years now in pretty histile environments and it still works as well as the day I bought it. Uses AA rather than AAA batteries too.

    It is available in other colours than white too-

    The L1 is the brighter option but there are cheaper versions, red filters are available too
  9. I find a head torch very useful, it allows me to keep both hands free when passing a speculum
  10. Tikka XP is OK apart from being AAA.
  11. Surefire are pretty good but kinda thought they would be beyond budget in this case.
    When you are getting into that price range there are better lamps.

  12. I was only joking, I couldnt really care less what is better than what.
  13. Fair enough :D I'm a bit of a lamp anorak, sad I know.