Head paid £60K: but no school & no pupils


Hurrah! Another Prescott triumph!

Headteacher paid £60,000 to run school that doesn’t exist in town with no pupils after planning delay disaster

"It was supposed to be one of John Prescott’s flagship new towns designed to ease Britain’s housing crisis, creating homes for 10,000 people, with its own schools, shopping centre, library and sports centre.

But because of planning delays and the economic crisis, only a handful of houses have been built and just three people have moved in.

One thing it does have, though, is a headteacher who is being paid about £60,000 a year to run a school with no buildings and no pupils.

Susan Vint was hired last month to take charge of Lakeview Lower School in The Wixams, a 750-acre new-town development near Bedford.
But Bedfordshire County Council, which had hoped the school would be built by June this year, admits it still has not chosen a firm to build it or even started the three-month process to choose a suitable construction company.

Officials say Ms Vint is ‘busy preparing’ for an opening date in September, but those monitoring the work believe the school will not be up and running until late 2010."


You really could not make this stuff up.


Ace_Rimmer said:
Actually, looking at the source of the article, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was totally made-up..

Oh there are bits of that story you could not make up.

"The Wixhams" is one of Prescott's "lets build loads of sh1te houses and never mind it is on a floodplain" specials, hence the planning issues. They eventually plan to stuff 4,500 houses on that site and in the process have to shift 500,000 cubic metres of soil to raise it all up a bit.

The other and lesser known joy is that part of the "The Wixhams" site was the old ROF Elstow, a bomb filling and storage facilty dating from WWII. So a pretty Brownfield site.

Eventually this place (a flood prone mega towtown full of grot boxes sitting on an old bomb factory) will have a railway station, six schools, a health centre & sports facilities. Let us just hope they do not staff that lot up before any houses get built, eh??

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