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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by tmmorris, May 11, 2009.

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  1. I've just rather unexpectedly found myself Contingent Commander of a CCF. As a VR(T) officer (previously I ran the RAF section) this is a bit of a shock.

    First - any other CCF CC's on here? I guess there are.

    Second - any other RAF uniformed CC's on here? Help with survival greatly appreciated. I'm currently undergoing a rather forceful and rapid indoctrination into the Army way of working...

  2. I'll take that as a no then...

  3. I'm here and I met you the other day at OUOTC!

  4. If you're looking for advice etc, if there's no one on here, you could always just make contact with the OC's of various CCF's. In the 4 Div area, there's

    Chichester High School
    Duke of York's
    Headington School
    Maidstone Grammar
    Sir Roger Manwood School
    The Skinners' School CCF
    Sutton Valence School
    Winchester College

    to name the ones that took part in 4Div Cadet Skills this year. Just a suggestion though, good luck with the contingent!
  5. Id suggest getting behind your SSI.

    If you've been on the Contingent Commanders Course, have supportive officers and an SSI who is in-side I can't see you struggling too much.

    (I'm not a CC though!)

  6. Thanks both. As AuPt will know if we discussed things in detail (I wonder which one you were...) we are currently without SSI hence panicked expression.

    Anyone want an SSI post? Seriously interested candidates perhaps should PM me with more info. WO1/WO2 with previous cadet and regular service strongly preferred...

  7. Where is your contingent again? I can start getting the word out through both of my SSI's. Word of mouth always seems to be "proper" lines of comms!

  8. What are the pay and conditions like?
  9. You have PM.
  10. I've just taken over as Army ic as the old ic has just stepped up to contingent commander. He was army ic for a very very long time. Speaking from my experience I'd say the best thing you could do would be to let your section commanders get on with it, have regular meetings with them, demand a full training programme from all sections and check that it is being implimented. Maybe observe some army training as I'm sure you're extremely au fait with the RAF side of life.

    And then do the other CC stuff (i've reached my limit now!)
  11. So do you ;)
  12. It seems my PMs are just sitting in my outbox and doing nothing (does anyone know why?).

    I'm most interested, please send any and all detail you have to Harry_Flashman608@hotmail.co.uk (just remove the spaces)

    What part of the country are you in?

    Many thanks. :)