Head of Ground Support Equipment Maintenance, Heathrow, £35k+

Job Description

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[FONT=&quot]Job Title[/FONT][FONT=&quot]: Head of Ground Support Equipment Maintenance, LHR [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Salary: £30-£35k +[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Reporting to: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Director of Ground Handling Operations[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]Aim: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Ensure that all Ground Handling equipment is maintained efficiently, cost effectively, safely whilst maximizing availability to operational managers, in accordance with operating standards. [/FONT]

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[h=1]Duties[/h] · [FONT=&quot]Via third party maintenance providers ensure that all GSE at 4 locations (LHR,MAN,BHX, ABZ) is maintained in optimal condition in accordance with agreed maintenance schedules.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Negotiate and manage agreements with 3rd party providers to ensure equipment is maintained according to client standards.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Manage LHR workshop to deliver optimal service to internal customers, including managing appx 8 workshop staff, workshop overheads budget and Health & Safety performance.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Secure that accurate records of service history and insurance details are maintained for all GSE.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Advise operational management on GSE purchases, obtain quotes from providers to ensure cost effective provision of GSE according to client standards.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Prepare and operate list of approved GSE providers.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Maintain Goods Vehicle Operators licence, ensuring compliance with requirements (training, safety, record keeping).[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Ensure Health & Safety management standards are maintained.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Any other duties as may be reasonably allocated by Director of GH Ops.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

[h=2][/h] [h=2]Competencies & Skills Required[/h] · [FONT=&quot]At least 5 years experience in GSE service / provision.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]A relevant technical qualification – e.g. City & Guilds in motor vehicle maintenance.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Holder of Certificate of Professional Competence for transport operations.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Good understanding of HSE Management System.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
· [FONT=&quot]Management Competencies- Business Acumen, Operational Decision Making, Developing strategic Working Relationships, Customer Orientation.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Apply via info@censuscontracting.com[/FONT]
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